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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newborn knitted hat and mittens

Finished a tiny set of newborn mittens and a hat.  The patterns are from Louisa Harding's "Natural Knits for Babies and Moms".    The yarn is Purewool 100% merino wool.  I've made the hat a bunch of times so far and the mittens a few times, but this is the first time I was organized enough to make the i-cord to keep the mittens together!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Knit Cardigan

I finished the first of Elie's birthday presents.  His birthday is Dec 5, so I'm doing well time-wise (unlike past years!)  I made the cardigan designed by waldorfmama and the hat is a newborn hat I've made a bunch of times from "Natural Knits for Babies and Moms" by Louisa Harding.  My doll must be a bit bigger than Shelley's (waldorfmama) because the cardigan is much less of a cardigan than hers, but it's still really cute and fits well enough and I'm sure it will be well-loved.  The yarn is purewool - the color is too bright (IMO) to use as a baby gift so it was a perfect use.  It's bright but not too bright for a doll...  Now she needs a little skirt.  Her only other outfit is a dress that doesn't fit under the cardigan.

Yesterday when I finished with the cardigan, I showed Yoav thinking that he would appreciate the knitting and would think it was cute, but he surprised me - when he saw it, tears came to his eyes :(  He cried that his doll needs a cardigan too - it's getting cold and his doll will be cold without one.  I told him he got different things (handmade tool belt with tools, a handmade knitting bag and a doll hat) for his birthday but he would hear none of it.  So I guess I'll make one more.  It's a quick fun knit - I just have to find three more buttons that will work.  Eventually I'll also replace Elie's buttons because I only had two matching ones.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Learned to Knit!

Yoav learned to knit this week for our Handwork activity!  He's only been wanting to knit for, oh, four years now :)  He's been very patient all these years - as a toddler, he helped me wind balls of wool; at age four, he learned to finger crochet; at age five, he learned to finger knit and finally now, knitting!

I used this article and this one to help with the planning.

I used the verse on Lisa's blog (the first link), but it wasn't ideal for us.  The verse is:
In through the front door,
Run around the back,
Peek through the window,
Off jumps Jack!
Yoav kept inserting the right needle above the left needle, so I added "and into the basement" after the first line.  I guess with that adjustment the verse works.  Yoav certainly loved the last line - he laughed at that part for the first twenty or so stitches ;)

For anyone starting knitting with a little one, I highly recommend the book, "A First Book of Knitting for Children" by Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton.  In hindsight, I think their verse would have worked better for Yoav since it includes an image of going under the left needle in the first line:
Under the fence,
Catch the sheep,
Back we come,
Off we leap.
It includes verses for casting on, purling, undoing stitches and a few other things.  

For yarn, we used this chunky 4-ply 100% wool yarn, which is what we've been using for all of our finger crocheting/knitting.  Yoav was very lucky to get about ten skeins from his Safta last year for his birthday!  And he used needles he made last week using this tutorial!

In the video, when he asks when he can switch yarns, he means when can he learn how to change colors...


It was difficult for me to teach knitting - I had to bite my tongue quite a lot! Up until now, I really haven't done any "teaching" and nothing has been such a big leap as this (from finger knitting to needle knitting).  It can be hard for me to watch him "muck about" (Holt) and let the learning happen if it seems slow to me, especially if he's doing something wrong (like holding his finger over the "window") that's obvious to me but not to him.  I often wonder who's learning more in this homeschooling journey!

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011



We are working towards the introduction of knitting in a slow, Waldorf-style way :)  So far, we visited goats (I wanted him to see shearing, but couldn't figure out how to make that happen here, so far from the fabulous NYS Sheep and Wool Festival :( - he did see it there two years ago before we moved), then we carded wool and today we spun the wool.  Initially I thought we were in over our heads and maybe there is an easier method of spinning for children, but once I got Elie to sleep for a nap, we did it!

I started by showing Yoav how to do it myself, based on what I learned in this Youtube video; then we worked on him spinning the drop spindle with his left hand while I held the unspun wool; finally, he managed to do it all himself.  I was so excited I almost said "Good Job!", which hasn't happened yet, but this was the closest I've come :)  I think I was more excited than he was!!

We are going to make knitting needles on Craft Day and then next week we'll start learning to knit!!!  Yoav has been waiting and waiting to knit, asking on a regular basis when he'll get to learn to knit for well over a year.  I think his patience will be well rewarded, since he's much more ready now in terms of fine motor skills (and, probably more importantly, he's more patient and resilient!) than he was a year ago.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chanukah Craft

I'm dipping my toe back in...

We had a really serene, pleasant day today.  The weather is beautiful here right now (though we're desperate for rain!) and, thanks to a dear friend, I realize I need to extend our time outside while we're getting readjusted to our rhythm after a two-week hiatus (due to a stomach virus and some outings with visiting family).  So, today, the kids biked along the path in the forest and in cul-de-sac for almost three hours.  I realized for the first time today that Elie can glide (no feet) for quite a distance.  He really loves his balance bike so much.  Every time we go to my in-laws' apartment for a get-a-way, partway through the day he gets agitated starts asking where his bike is ;)

The time outside gave me a chance to finish my third little chemo hat for my friend's daughter.  The first two were with Purewool (the one on the right) and the one I finished today was with Three Irish Girls.  The TIG one is so incredibly soft.  I'm hoping it will feel good on her bare little head....  They're made with the same pattern - "Race for Life 2009" on Ravelry, but I made the Purewool one with the wrong sized needles - size 5 instead of 5mm - whoops!  It actually still fits Yoav but it's tight - if it doesn't fit my friend, there is, sadly, no lack of bare little heads in the pediatric oncology ward :(

In the afternoon, we made salt dough menorahs.  The idea came from Marsha Johnson of the waldorfhomeeducators Yahoo group.  We made salt dough (2 cups white flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water per menorah), molded it into a menorah, poked our candles in to make the holes (the holes need to be a little bigger than the candles because the dough shrinks slightly in the oven), then painted with Stockmar watercolor paints and finally put in the oven at 225F for about three hours.  Yoav LOVED this project more than any other in recent memory.  He kept saying he loved it and he also sang the whole time (we were singing Chanukah songs - you can see his mouth open singing in the photos LOL).



Finished (out of the oven):

And this is just a sweet photo I just uploaded from a few days ago - in addition to the obvious hand-holding cuteness, I love the look of brotherly love on Yoav's face:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Elie's Hat


I finished Elie's hat today.  It's with my new Three Irish Girls yarn; pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple Basic Hat and Mitten Set for Children; #8 needles. I LOVE it - I love the colors.  It's like a rainbow minus the red and purple.  Such soft, sweet colors.

And, it's probably obvious, but I adore this photo.  I was trying to get a photo of them each wearing their new hats and Yoav started cuddling Elie and somehow I got this one!!  Woohoo! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hat for Yoav


I finished Yoav's hat today.  It's with my new Three Irish Girls yarn; pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple Basic Hat and Mitten Set for Children; #8 needles.  Yoav is very happy with it - hopefully it'll be comfy for him when he wears it for long periods.  Elie picked out the orange, blue and yellow yarn for his hat.  I might just make him the same one since it's so quick and fun to knit (at this point in my life, fun to knit for me means that I can carry it around, start and stop without thinking, knit in the forest on our morning walk...).  I think Elie also prefers simple hats that don't tie or fit too tight.  He loves wearing my hats but refused to wear the pilot hat I made him last year.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three Irish Girls Yarn


Jeremy got back today from a trip to the States.  And, of course, he had a suitcase full of goodies including this beautiful yarn from Three Irish Girls.  It's the first time I bought (relatively) expensive yarn and I was feeling a bit guilty until it arrived and I saw how beautiful and deliciously soft it is!  The photo really doesn't do it justice (which is why I wasn't sure it was worth the money until it arrived).  I started a hat for Yoav and it is such a pleasure to knit with this yarn!  The yarn I'm using for his hat is called Galenas merino - it's one ply but worsted weight and oh so soft!  And the way the colors change from one to the next is just too perfect for words.  I love watching the colors change as I go.  I've used other multi-colored yarn before (custom dyed yarn and Purewool) but never with so many distinct colors and never have they changed from one color to the next with such... grace?  I don't know.  I can't find the words, but suffice it to say that I love the yarn and will be happily knitting us all hats, mittens and socks for the next month or two :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Knit Hat for ME!

Just finished this hat for me. I love how it came out. I made one for a friend's daughter using the exact pattern recently (it's from Louisa Harding's "Hats, Gloves, Scarves" book). I modified the pattern for DPN needles and added an inch to the length, so it covers my ears and doesn't have a seam, so I like it much better for me than the original pattern. The yarn is Purewool 100% merino wool.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Knitted Dog

I made this little knitted dog for Yoav. The pattern is from "Knitted Animals" by Anne-Dorthe Grigaff. Yarn is Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Boucle knitted on size 7 needles. Yoav LOVES it! I love that he appreciates my handmade things so much. He was bugging me to finish it yesterday when he saw me knitting my hat, but all I had left was the stuffing and sewing together for the dog, which I prefer to do alone (ie sans the "help" of little ones), so I promised him I'd finish it at night and it would be ready when he woke up. The second he opened his eyes this morning, he said, "Where's my dog?" (he was looking around near his pillow, since I often leave new handmade goodies there). I said it was on the side table - he reached over for it and immediately was bursting with, "I love it! ... I'm so happy to have him! ... He's so cute!" and hugging him and walking him around the bed... And, of course, the dog came along on our errands today :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Knitted Horse

I finished this little knitted horse today. The design is from "Toymaking with Children" by Freya Jaffke. The kids love it. I made it for Yoav (he asked for it) but Elie actually took it before we put the mane and tail on and was trotting (like a horse) around the house with it, laughing hysterically, hiding behind the curtain with it. It was so cute! I did got a video, but, as usual, he was naked, so I won't post it...

Like the knitted cat, a second horse has been custom ordered by Elie ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Handmade Baby Gifts

My SILs both finally had their babies, so I got to give them their gifts and can stop thinking about if and what to add to them!

Both got these packages plus an organic cotton newborn hat and both got mobiles - one butterfly one that I made and one with balls that Yoav made - I think I actually forgot to get a photo of Yoav's :(

Each package included an organic cotton ribbon blanket, organic cotton knot doll (pattern from "Toymaking with Children" by Freya Jaffa - fabric is hand-dyed with plant dyes from Dharma Trading), wool felt ball (pattern from "Feltcraft" by Petra Berger), a wool pilot hat (pattern from Little Turtle Knits - highly recommended), wool booties (Baby Moc-a-Soc pattern from Bekah Knits), and a playsilk, hand-dyed with plant dyes.

Also, one SIL (the one having her first baby) got scrumptious receiving blankets I made with 4oz organic cotton flannel I got from Organic Cotton Plus - one is 26" x 40" (recommendation in the Kwik Sew for Babies book) and the other is 40"x40". I did a double hem with a straight stitch. I'm really happy with them and will definitely make more of these in the future - they're so much softer than any of the receiving blankets that I've used...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Knitted Cat

I made this little toy cat for Yoav from "Toymaking with Children" by Freya Jaffke (with Purewool yarn). Then Elie fell in love with it, a squabble ensued, and a second cat was born ;) I think Elie's is in his little bag in the car, but it looks exactly the same as this one. They both carried their little cats around all day today. This was a great little project because it was quick, I got it all done while the kids were awake, and the finished toy actually looks like a cat, and the boys love them ;)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Quilt Design

I've been totally off the sewing wagon for months I think. I've been trying to focus on our rhythm, food and, of course, the holidays...

Meanwhile, I'm missing the sewing. I've been knitting, which helps, but it meets a different need. I like to knit while the kids are playing. That way, my Presence is felt, but I'm not involved in the play. It's perfect. And it's very calming for me, especially to do simple projects with natural yarns. I just finished these little hats for my nephews who are due in May and June. I used Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton, my favorite yarn to knit - I love the way it feels between my fingers as I knit.

I just finished these little hats for my SILs who are both due with boys in the next two months! Note that one is much bigger than the other even though I used the same newborn pattern for each - that's what happens when Yoav sees a cute baby hat and decides to attach a string to go under the neck and try to get it on his own head! Oops. So no longer newborn, but still for a baby ;)

There's a baby blanket I really want to make from the Louisa Harding book as well. Of course I have the problem of where to buy the yarn. I found this online yarn store that has organic cotton yarn, but I'll probably get some o-wool balance (blend of organic cotton and wool) for the blanket.

Anyway... So as much as I love knitting, I'm missing sewing. Last night I started thinking about making a baby quilt for either a SIL or a friend who's due in June. I really love thinking about how to put the fabrics together and quilt patterns. I had been thinking about making myself a skirt, which would probably take me no more than an hour or so, but I find myself drawn to quilting. I feel like sewing clothes is more "productive", but there's also the issue of my mental health and since I find peace in quilting, I'm going to try going back to that for a bit. Clothes are so cheap these days, it's not even worth making your own clothes unless you enjoy it.

So.. I designed a baby quilt and planned out the fabrics. On my hand-drawn pattern, the blue represents the turquoise polka dot pattern fabric and the green is the greenish polka dot. Then the inside squares will be the bird fabric and mushroom fabric. The striped fabric will be the border. The fabric is Cloud 9 organic cotton that I purchased on Etsy from Modern Organic Fabrics (I highly recommend it - the woman who runs the shop is really nice and offers free shipping and even said she's split up shipments for me in $50 increments since I get hit with customs tax for imports over $50).
Here's the pattern and fabric plan:

I'm hoping the kids will fall asleep at a reasonable time today so I can start cutting. Jeremy is in NY, which means I can make a simple dinner and have less clean-up...

How cool is it that the boys are upstairs playing together while I wrote this?!??!? :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recent Crafting / GAPS

This is the result of my very limited recent crafting. The first is a pair of baby booties called "Baby Moc-a-Socs". The yarn is hand-dyed (not by me) Purewool. I love how they turned out. I'll definitely be making more of these. And they match the baby hat I made recently (I didn't take a photo, but it's the same as this one, only smaller). These are part of a gift for my SIL, who's expecting a baby boy in May.

The second is a placemat I made last night - I made two, one for each kid, but Elie really needs ten to be of any use since he makes such a mess ;) Yoav really liked it. I don't have any more of that fabric, but I think I'll make two more matching ones out of something else. I cut the fabric 12.5" x 18.5", used interfacing in the middle and canvas for the back.

For some reason, GAPS seems to be all the rage these days. Or, maybe it's Law of Attraction leading me to see it everywhere. You can read about it here, if you want and she has plenty of other links. Yoav was awake for well over an hour in the middle of the night last night itching from his eczema. The allergies are one thing if he can live comfortably with them, but I don't want to see him suffer. He's had worsening eczema for a few months now. I have a few more things I want to try with the eczema - someone told me that it might help to rub kombucha on topically, so Jeremy is bringing some back from NY tomorrow. But still I know that the allergies mean that there's gut issues and I want to try to resolve them. It's so hard to be making two meals all the time and now that I'm eating more raw and fermented dairy, I would so love for Yoav to get the benefits as well. We'll see. The intro diet is quite restrictive, but Yoav is getting pretty tired of the eczema and seemed open to going grain-free for a bit. I'm going to try these pancakes for him. My first step will be to test the various foods he'll need to eat for the Intro Diet and to work on recipes to make it work for him.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Knit Pilot Cap for Elie

Here's the pilot cap I made for Elie. It's the Little Turtle Knits pattern and Purewool yarn (the wool was dyed specially for me). I loved the pattern - very clear and easy to follow and the hat is so cute. I'm now making two more for my coming nephews. And maybe one for a friend who's having a girl... It probably won't get worn much, though. The doll was my only willing participant for the photo...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Enki Weekly Schedule

Story: The Well Diggers
Food: Sourdough Challah - recipe from "A Blessing of Bread" by Maggie Glazer
Craft: Ribbon Ring

I'm going to try to really focus on getting the kids out of the house quickly after breakfast. If I lag in the cleaning, Yoav gets involved in a project on his own which leads me to relax and think that All is Well and I sit and relax with my knitting or a good book. All *is* well and lovely until the meltdowns begin LOL - today it was crying because Elie drew some pen on a piece of paper with the Parsha story from last week that someone gave Yoav. A full-on total and complete meltdown, crying that he wanted me to fix the paper, erase the pen, etc. Yoav is a boy of nature and seems to really need that bit of outdoor play in the morning. He actually says he likes animals better than people. He dreams of getting a lion.

We drove around today looking at a few towns. Our lease ends in August and we're hoping to buy land in the area around Beit Shemesh. There are some truly beautiful moshavim in that area - lush green valleys, idyllic mountains. Some of the views are so stunning. One thing that is so amazing about Israel is the diversity of the land. There are areas that are totally void of growth and then areas that are more lush and green than almost anywhere I've ever been. We have an appointment on Thursday with a real estate agent to see a few meshekim (small farms). I'm cautiously optimistic - we dream of having goats and chickens :)

I brought my knitting in the car (I finished the hat for Elie and love it so now I'm making two more for my soon-to-be-born nephews) and Yoav brought his ball of yarn to do finger crochet. He got up to about 200 stitches in the car. He's really loving finger crochet and it does help him relax. Not a panacea by any means, but it helps...

I need to take some photos of his recent drawings. His drawing has really taken off lately. It's changed so much in the past month or so. He's now drawing all sorts of animals -horses, fish, dogs, chickens, cats - when he used to just draw dogs. He draws a lot of trucks of various type also. Oh, and he draws the old fashioned horse carrying a wagon. And he draws recipes - he draws the finished product and then draws individually all the items that go into it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craft Project - Simple Baby Doll

I shouldn't be posting because it's midnight and I still have about five hours of things I want to do :(

BUT... There's a few things I want to post :)

We made these sweet dolls today from "Toymaking with Children" by Freya Jaffke. We had a really fun playdate in the morning with M and H and she lent me the book. I made the one on the left and Yoav made the one on the right. I'm going to make one for each of my two soon-to-be-born nephews :) We used the organic muslin from Dharma Trading that we hand-dyed with plant dyes. I cut the fabric to 16.5" square, did a double hem around the edges and then we just stuffed wool in the center, tied a string around the head and made knots for the hands. Sounds easy and it was for Yoav, but I think I spent a good half an hour tying my knots so they'd be perfect. They're *not* perfect, but it's not for lack of trying ;)

I had been thinking about making my SILs quilts or blankets or baby clothes or baby towels or ... Finally now with this book in my hand, I'm going to make each of them a few random homemade things - a little baby care package of sorts. So each will include:
* Little Turtle Knits pilot cap with wool yarn
* Saartje's baby booties with wool yarn (pattern is on the right under "Free Patterns")
* Organic Ribbon Blanket
* Simple baby doll that we made today
* Purl Bee fabric ball (which I'll make with organic fabrics)
I'm excited about these - all quick projects that I enjoy. I'm really wanting to make Yoav a twin quilt and at the same time was thinking about giving myself a forced sewing hiatus to focus on food, but if I limit my sewing, I think/hope that'll give me enough time to keep nourishing food on the table.

And a few cute things:
* Yesterday Elie wiped himself after a poop completely by himself - he used a few pieces of toilet paper, checked for spots each time until the toilet paper came out clean. Quite impressive. He's only three years (and counting) ahead of Yoav on that one.
* Yesterday I was reading a book and Elie came over, took it out of my hands, went off to do something, came back with a wooden airplane, gave me the airplane and sat down with the book in his lap to "read".
* Today when we were in the sewing room, Elie pulled a pin out of the doll we were making (I used pins to hold down where I ironed the edges for hemming) and then moved his lips around as if he had something in his mouth - I didn't notice it, but saw Yoav look at Elie with a concerned expression - his eyes focused on Elie's mouth, trying to look in. He didn't say anything, either because he wasn't sure, or maybe there wasn't time before I said something, but I could tell he was worried that Elie had a pin in his mouth. I love seeing Yoav's instinct to protect Elie.

Elie has had a sudden leap in his talking (thankfully, because I was starting to get worried). Today he said "raining" and "pee pee". Silly me had to hear the word "raining" while we were looking out at the rain about ten times before I got it - good thing that Elie is persistent! He's also saying some two-word sentences - like "Bo down." (Bo is come in Hebrew, so he's mixing some Hebrew and English).

Oh and I forgot to mention that we got a two-year pass for homeschooling here. We had to fill out an application with our philosophy, goals, schedule, and some other things and then a woman came yesterday for an interview. I guess just to be sure we aren't abusing our child. She said we got the two-year instead of one-year pass because we're homeschooling for ideological reasons - I think they trust more that way that we're prepared as parents for homeschooling versus if we just pulled a child out of school for some reason. Not sure exactly, but I'm glad I don't have to do anything for two more years.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meal Plan

I think I finally figured out my ideal (for the time being) for our meal plan - just the basic outline with dinners to vary nightly and include some liver or other organ meats and/or fish. I can't do the daily Steiner grain. Way too much for my brain to manage. So I'm just going to keep it simple - same thing each day with just the dinner changing plus obviously random different snacks like occasional popcorn, date yummies in the car, apples.

I have to call up the Weston Price chapter here in Beit Shemesh for information about where to get organic organ meat other than liver and also wild fish - even though Yoav is allergic, I want to start eating more fish. I'll also be adding in more cheese as I am able to make it myself, but I only want to eat organic raw milk cheese/yogurt.

So my basic daily meal plan is:
Breakfast: Soaked pancakes made with freshly-ground spelt (soaked overnight in lemon juice for Yoav and yogurt for me and Elie)
Snack: Mangold chips or Mallow chips (readily-available weed here) if we are out of mangold
Lunch: Lentil salad (from Nourishing Traditions), Hummus, Scrambled eggs (will add a slice of sourdough bread once I get it so it's tasty - I just started today on another starter)
Snack: Avocado and homemade crackers
Dinner: Varied
Snack: Oatmeal made with freshly flaked oats and soaked for close to 24 hours in water and lemon juice
All meals to be served with ginger tea from fresh ginger (helps digestion more than plain water - and yoav loves it )
I also just started taking Green Pastures cod liver oil supplement, which has Vitamins A and D included (the Nordic Naturals ones I was taking didn't have enough) - these seem to be the most highly recommended cod liver oil supplement - I don't recommend the gel, though, it's quite repulsive ;)

I'm trying not to feel too overwhelmed - trying to just make one change at a time. We officially do not have any packaged food in the house - nothing with more than one ingredient (like milk and yogurt).

We made these crackers yesterday. They are really tasty and very easy to make. They don't seem to save very well though - they're softer today than yesterday. I have them stored in an airtight container, but maybe they have to be kept in the fridge too.

I started knitting this cute pilot hat for Elie using the same yarn I used for Yoav's socks. It's fun to be knitting more - I just have to keep it from getting compulsive - I can easily spend the whole day knitting and let the house turn into a mess...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yoav's Drawings / Knit Socks / Enki

The first pic is Yoav's quilt designs I mentioned yesterday. They got a little wacky toward the end b/c he was trying to make a completely original design (since I said one looked similar to a design I wanted to do). The second is a drawing I found in his art pile that I found (and particularly liked) while looking for the quilt one.

I was inspired to finally finish the socks I was making Yoav. They are knit from the Yankee Knitter Designs #29 with Purewool hand-dyed yarn. Don't look too closely - they didn't come out exactly the same size ;)

Now that the holidays are over, we're back to a rhythm. For the week our schedule is:
Story: Crow and the Sparrow
Food: NT-style Spelt Crackers from here
Craft: Still deciding

We did Circle today with our new movements and it went really well, surprisingly. Yoav was actually following along on the first time around. It's either because they are almost all gnome-related or just that he's ready. Who knows. After we did Circle, he wrote down his own movement verses, and we did them all together, going around the circle acting them out. We had a lot of fun!

My new Circle is:
Opening: Come Follow
Transition to next movement song (changed words from the Come Follow song)
Transition to next movement song (changed words from the Come Follow song)
Winds of December (should be Winds of October, but I changed the month to fit the season - I'd do January but it's not the right sound)
Transition to next movement song (changed words from the Come Follow song)
Loud Winds
Closing: Owl

Here's two of Yoav's (he wrote four and I don't want to type them all):

At a farm, there's some cows going moo moo moo, moo moo moo, moo moo moo;
And also there's some horses going neigh neigh neigh, neigh neigh neigh, neigh neigh neigh;
And in the cold, icy water, there's some penguins;
And also there's some turtles;
And in the gnome home, there are five gnomes - one with a basket, one with a book and one with a hook;
And on the farm, there's some goats and some aardvarks.

In the sky, there's an owl going hoo hoo hoo;
And also in the sky, there's some birds going tweet, tweet, tweet;
And also there's more owls going hoo hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo;
And on the ground, there's some worms and some snails;
And also in the sky there's some butterflies;
And at a stable, there's some lambs, sheep and goats.