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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cute Elie Story

This morning Elie went down with Jeremy when he got up for a bit.  Then Elie came back.  After being in bed for a moment, he said "Ackuwee (actually), I want Abba."  I said, "Do you want tzi-tzis? (to nurse)" whoops - I asked a question :)  He said, "That be GREAT!"  He said it in such a sweet, happy way and cuddled up to me under the covers to latch on.  His language is so funny - seems so mature to me.  And then of course there are the funny words like ackuwee which is my current favorite...

Just wanted to save for me.  Where do you all save sweet quotes like this?  Not sure the blog is the best place, but I don't want to forget them!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Giving His Heart...

Yoav's Safta (Grandmother) just asked him if he's excited about his birthday and he said, "Yes!  I'm going to give out bookmarks (he made these as party favors) and we hung up balloons."  I love that his birthday excitement is more about what he's *giving* than what he's hoping to *get*!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yoav helping Elie

Yoav and Elie were just upstairs playing and I heard a crash and then crying (Elie).  Then I heard Yoav saying, "I'm sorry!!!  (so empathic/concerned/maybe a little frightened)  Where did you get hurt?  Should I give it kisses?"  Then I hear lots of frantic kisses ;)  Then, "Ima, can you come up to help?"  I love the whole thing - I love that he was caring toward his little brother and I also love that he wasn't trying to hide anything and called me when he felt that maybe it was more than he can/should handle.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Yoav's Foray Into the Business World

So, Yoav has started his first business. I guess it's inevitable. Seems like all kids, at some point, want to open a business to make a few shekels. Yoav likes to have shekels so he can buy bouncy balls out of the shekel machines near his Saba and Safta's apartment. Or to give for tzedakah, as he happily did yesterday of his own accord to a beggar in the Old City.

Anyway, so the business is very simple bracelets - he gathered a few colors of DMC thread and, for a shekel, the buyer chooses a color and Yoav cuts the thread to size and ties it in a knot around your wrist. Of course, the Waldorf Mama in me is glad to see that he's getting so proficient with tying knots ;)

It was very cute watching Yoav sell bracelets to Elie. They played it all out - Elie chose colors for his bracelets (one on each wrist) and then Yoav asked Elie for a shekel and Elie went off to my wallet to get one ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Sewing Room

I have to share... I LOVE this room. Yoav loves it too - A few days ago when the room was mostly organized, Yoav sat down, looked dreamily at the shelves and said, "I love this room." I love that my almost six-year-old son loves the sewing room ;)

The shelves are the Lack shelves from IKEA. I like the white boxes, also from IKEA - I have fabric organized by type in the boxes - I have one shelf not organic, two shelves of organic and the boxes are for scraps, kids fabric, flower fabric, and plain fabric. It works well for quilting fabric and then everything I have more than a half yard of is just out. All the fabric is washed, dried and ready to go. My first project in the new room will be the apron out of the book "Linen, Wool, Cotton" - the apron is pictured on the front.




Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elie and the Boo Boo Bags

Elie has been so sweet about the Boo Boo Bags. Every time he hears someone say they got hurt, he confirms that it's a "Boo Boo" - like, "Aba, Boo Boo?" When he's told yes, he runs off to get the Boo Boo Bag. It's so funny because he doesn't say where he's going, just runs off to the kitchen. This morning, Jer had a scratch and we were all upstairs in the bedroom. When Elie found out about the boo boo, without saying a word, he left the bedroom, closed the door behind him, ran downstairs where we heard the freezer open and then close and then he came up a minute later with Boo Boo Bag in hand. After a minute on the scratch he asked if Jer was done with it and when Jer said yes, Elie ran the bag back down to the freezer.

The other cute Boo Boo Bag story is that, since having these, Elie seems a little confused about what belongs in the freezer - Yesterday I opened the freezer to find the Boo Boo Bags, a few bean bags, Elie's heavy gnome/doll and another small doll LOL.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yoav's Thoughts on Marriage

Today Yoav asked if I was born when Jeremy was 6 (no) and that led him to wonder who his future wife would be and if she was born yet. Then he said, "You only get to pick one, right?" I said yes. He said, "It's not like toys when you can pick something and put it back and pick something else." Usually not, LOL. Then, "Kids you don't get to pick at all, right? You just get what comes out..." (The questions were really used in a rhetorical way - he was just talking and thinking aloud).

Another funny comment from yesterday - we were at the small organic grocery store nearby and Yoav was talking to the check-out guy, who he's very friendly with. Then the store owner came in and the check-out guy told Yoav, "That's who I work for." Yoav said, "I thought you work for us?" Both guys got a good laugh out of that!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Multitasking in the Kitchen / Yoav

Just have to post for the record that I have four things on the stove (matbucha, lentils and rice and oatmeal for the kids), challah in the oven and hummus whiring in the food processor. I think that's my record! We're going to see a few houses tomorrow in Zichron Ya'akov and have friends coming for dinner so I'm trying to get almost everything finished today.

Also, this is a cute Yoav comment from a few days ago that I've been meaning to post - There seems to be a trend for kids to wear sports-related paraphanelia younger and younger. Yoav even got a sports shirt for a baby gift with "his" team number. Anyway, the other day all of Yoav's favorite shirts were in the wash and Jer tried to put a surfing shirt on him. Yoav said, "But I don't surf." Good point. We found him another shirt. It's really a very silly trend IMO!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Learning from Older Sib

This is just a funny little story to share.

Yoav is a perfectionist. Yesterday when he was drawing, he wasn't happy with something and yelled, scrunched up the paper and threw it.

A few minutes later, Elie got a sly look in his eye, went over to the drawing table, drew a few squiggles on a piece of paper, then made a cute frown (since he was trying to hide the smile) and pretend sad noise, crunched the paper and threw it over his shoulder. Then he went for another piece of paper and did it again. Yoav was actually watching and laughed.

Elie really does want to do almost everything just like his big brother. It's very sweet to watch. Too bad he doesn't want to wear clothes like his big brother ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Funny Stories

Two quick funny stories - much more I'd *like* to post, but this is all I'll get to ;)

1) The other day, my niece offered Yoav a piece of candy. He said to her, "I have banana bread (the Nourishing Traditions recipe). Do you want a piece? It's much better than candy." Not sure if he would think so if he tasted the candy. He thinks candy is toxic (whoops!) so he avoids it. He has eaten and thoroughly enjoyed organic lollipops on occasion, but he might not realize that lollipops are classified as candy.

2) Today while I was putting Elie to sleep for nap and Yoav was playing in his room, Elie was almost asleep when Yoav threw a wooden cargo truck Elie had been playing with that was filled up with almonds. Elie immediately sat upright in bed and cried, "Truck! Almonds!" and we had to go down to sort it all out. I was surprised that he knew immediately what it was from the sound. After he said what it was, I remembered the sound and knew he was right, but I certainly didn't know right away.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Elie - Pee in the bed

I consider Elie to be completely potty trained, but he does still have occasional accidents. Sometimes if he's naked and playing with water he can't get to the toilet in time, and once in a while he still pees in the bed. I guess it's been a while since the last time, but last night was one. When he woke up and saw the pee, he said, "Yav (Yoav) pee." with all seriousness. When Yoav heard him say this, he laughed and said it wasn't his pee. So then Elie said, "Ima (me) pee." and stuck to that story ;) I don't think he was trying to hide anything; I think he just thought he would have remembered peeing in the bed if it was his...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yoav and Elie - Attached at the hip

Yoav and Elie are becoming more and more attached as Elie gets older and they find more in common. They both really love playing together. They climb on eachother, hug eachother, say silly things, play with cars and trucks together, share food, hold hands while we go on walks (and often Elie won't hold my hand, only wants Yoav's), etc. We were in the car tonight after dinner and Elie was crying b/c he was really tired and Yoav wanted to help him relax (ha - funny given my last post LOL). So Yoav started saying silly things - "Unc Dave motor-cycle" (he says it in the same voice that Elie says it - for some reason this has become a funny thing they say back and forth) and a few other things. Then when the crying continued, Yoav said he loved Elie and asked Elie if he loved Yoav, to which Elie, with tears streaming down, said, "Love.Yav." The whole thing was so sweet and certainly more helpful than anything I could/would have done...

Also today we went to a playground while Elie was asleep. Jeremy and Yoav went to play, but Yoav didn't want to play b/c Elie was asleep. So later in the day we went to a different playground, this time when Elie was awake, and the boys had a blast together. We even noticed that Yoav was afraid to go up a ladder by himself, but then when he saw Elie doing it, he gained confidence and did it himself (but there is never any jealousy with this sort of thing - sometimes he'll ask "How did he do that?" about something Elie does, but he's more than happy to learn from Elie).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elie Update

I need to write a few quick things about Elie before I forget!

He said his first sentence last week Wednesday - nothing special, he actually just copied Yoav, but it was the first - he said "I found it." (Yoav had started playing with a box first and said this when Elie moved it to play with himself...)

He's been talking more and more lately but is generally very careful (ie slow) with his words.

He calls Yoav "Yav" or "Yavi"; I'm "Ima"; Jer is either "Aba" or "Yeremey"

He's been saying "Toda" (Thank you) a lot. I love hearing it, especially when it's for simple things like I give him a cup of water and he thanks me, buckle him in the car seat and I get a Toda, Yoav hands him a crayon and Yoav gets a Toda :)

He's also very self-sufficient. A few days ago he was looking for his second shoe and I told him I thought it was upstairs under the bed. So he headed up and came back a few minutes later with the missing shoe. I have to really try to keep this going. He does more for himself than Yoav does. Whoops - did I just compare them - d'oh! ;)

He's also very cuddly and gives me kisses on the lips which I love ;)

He also has an incredibly sweet trembling frown. Like today once when he realized he was ten feet away from me with a person in between, he just looked at me and his lower lip started trembling, holding himself back from crying. Too cute. I love this age!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elie's Cuteness and More on Catching Up

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday ;) Glad to know someone's reading, if not my mom :)

Here's a happy cute Elie story to share. Our neighbor, an 8yo girl, came over today to see the bunny (she really likes the bunny and Yoav is thrilled that she's been coming over more and doesn't care why). She was trying to get the bunny to eat a piece of the bunny food out of her hand. Then Elie wanted to try and held the bunny food out for the bunny. Later, Elie saw a spider and was holding an almond and put the almond near the spider's mouth to try to feed the spider ;) I love the idea of living in a world where you think it's possible that a spider would eat an almond. I want to go back to that place....

I'm also working on my food and Enki plans and hope to have something figured out soon. Both my food and Enki rhythms fell apart with Pesach (our recent holiday). I ate worse than usual during Pesach since I don't have a food processor or mixer or soup pot to use during Pesach and since you can't eat grains. It was all a bit too much for me, trying to eat Traditional Food during Pesach. In my past life, I got through Pesach with a lot of peanut butter and jelly on matzoh - but now I don't eat peanut butter or jelly :(

Anyway, I definitely got out of my rhythm and I think not eating as well as usual has affected my mood - I've been more sluggish and blah for the past week. I think if I can get back to eating well, then everything will fall into place. I believe strongly in the relationship between healthy eating and mood - seems so obvious and almost silly to write it, but I didn't know it ten years ago when it would have really helped me. Certainly would have saved me a lot of money on therapy ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Sweetness / Jeremy

Just a few cute things I want to remember...

As Yoav was falling asleep, he said, "The numbers in Hebrew are all a little more than a second." I hadn't noticed, but it's true - of the first ten numbers, in Hebrew, nine are two syllables and one is one syllable; in English, it's the opposite. So, counting to ten takes longer in Hebrew than English. Well, not exactly. He correctly suggested that he could say the words faster in Hebrew to make them be only a second ;)

Today we went to a new playground that's a few blocks away. One of the outcomes of our recent land/home search, was that the kids got to try out a lot of playgrounds. That seems like a good thing, but the downside is that Yoav has decided that our local playground doesn't measure up (the one that's literally at the park across the street from our house). We've tried out the one next-closest to our house and today set out to try a bigger one that's a few blocks away. It was a great walk and the best part was that the boys held hands most of the way. It was so cute. I wish I'd brought the camera. Hopefully it'll be a regular part of this walk and I can get a photo another day. On the way back, Elie actually started whimpering and calling out for Yoav when Yoav let go to run the last bit.

Jeremy got back today and we were very happy to see him ... and all the goodies in his suitcase! I decided to temporarily abandon the serger I bought in favor of foodstuffs. I got:
* Two bags of Rapunzel Rapadura (unrefined whole cane sugar)
* Probiotics for Yoav
* Organic shredded coconut (I've found regular shredded coconut here, but can't find shredded)
* Lime juice (don't know why I can't find limes here - maybe just because I don't know the word for it LOL - I want to make the Ginger Ale in NT)
* Some spices I couldn't find here (again, I'm sure they exist - I just don't know what they're called in Hebrew...)
* Black Ceylon tea so I can get started on kombucha (it's only taken me three months to get all the ingredients together - oy!!!)
* Active dry yeast (I try to avoid yeast, but do use it for my challah, and can't figure out the yeast here since it's all Hebrew - I want to be sure at least to use natural yeast and not instant (chemical) yeast)
* Raw kosher cheese from 5 Spoke Creamery. I'm so excited for this - it's so yummy and is a perfect addition to my increasingly more nutrient-dense travel snacks.
* And the best of all is two new Vision pots. I recently learned about Vision from the WAPF Yahoo group (discussingNT). It turns out that stainless steel isn't as safe as I thought it was - the nickel inside leaches out when cooking acidic foods (if it's a non-magnetic pot, which mine seem to be). I do mostly use my cast iron pans and Le Creuset pots anyway, but I was using a stainless steel pot for our daily oatmeal. Vision recently had a sale (could still be going on), so I got two new pots (plus I had found one at a kitchen store in Kfar Saba). My plan is to kasher the S/S pots and set them aside for Pesach use only. A week a year is fine for them - it's not horribly toxic - certainly nothing like teflon - and, for the most part, if you hold off on salting food until it's in your plate, most food isn't very acidic anyway.
* And finally, I got a few food books - two cookbooks that look fantastic - "The Lubavitcher Spice and Spirit Kosher Passover Book" and "Jewish Cookery" by Leah Leonard; and "Real Food" by Nina Planck.

I think that's it. It wasn't a perfect shipment - there was still a little room in the suitcase I could have used for fabric ;) I think from now on, I'll just get things shipped to the office in NY without thinking so much about what I *think* will fit in the suitcase, and then I'll decide what he should bring based on what *actually* fits... Shopping with suitcase size and weight in mind really throws a wrench in things. I'm getting good at mentally packing a suitcase though - what is that called on the SATs? Spatial ability? :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

A few cute Elie words

I keep meaning to post these so I don't forget:

Yoav: Yav
Animal: Ey-mool
Tomten (from the book): Tompen
Toothbrush: boodush
Truck: Duck (I think that's the same as Yoav)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life with a Two-Year-Old

Two-year-olds are such funny creatures. Sometimes Elie seems so grown up, like when I came to check on him in the bathroom today and he had already gotten down from the toilet, put the insert back in its place and was wiping his tush with toilet paper (and then while I was watching, he proceeded to check the toilet paper, put it in the toilet, flushed and walked out). I mentioned this before, but he's WAY beyond Yoav on his poop-wiping abilities.

And today at dinner, he got the idea to clear the plates like in a restaurant - he collected all the plates and stacked them up - biggest on the bottom, then small plates, then bowl, then silverware in the bowl. Even Yoav got involved and handed Elie some things to add to the pile. Great, EXCEPT that Elie thought it was important for the plates to be clean, so he took food off the plates and put it onto the tablecloth. Not so helpful ;)

Elie really loves entertaining - he likes to do silly things and loves when you want him to do it over and over. For example, at dinner, Elie broke off a piece of mangold (like spinach - it's popular here) and threw it. Then said to Yoav, "Od pom? (again?)" Yoav laughed and said yes. Again and again. Each time Elie stops and asks in all seriousness, "Od pom?" Yoav was cracking up from the whole show. It's great when Elie's jumping on the couch or doing something that's not messy or destructive, but I don't know what to do when it's throwing mangold. His "od pom" isn't even a real question. He asks it very seriously, as if he's concerned about your interest. If you say yes you want it again, he says, "ah" in a very serious "Ah, ok, no problem, I don't mind doing it again." kind of voice. Like it's his business to keep you entertained. BUT, let's say you're not so interested in him continuing his shenanigans. Maybe he's throwing clothes out of the drawer or squeezing my nose. If I say no od pom, he just keeps going as if you said yes and still asks in between each time AS IF you've been saying yes all along. Cute and exacerbating all at the same time. That seems to be how it is with my little 2yo. Sometimes exhausting and exacerbating. But always cute.

Yoav and Elie have been getting along beautifully. Sometimes it's easier to have two than if I had just Yoav b/c they play and laugh together. I love listening to them. Yoav talks to Elie about where and how to move vehicles on his constructs. Elie has become, for the most part, very careful with the buildings. If Elie causes a block to move out of place, he makes the Yoav-freak-out face and flaps his arms a bit in a AAAHHH-the-world-is-falling-apart-a-block-moved-a-quarter-of-an-inch sort of way :) Elie doesn't actually feel that way, he just mimics the reactions he's seen from Yoav. But then Yoav will put it back in place or even sometimes say funny things like, "Sorry Elie, I don't have time to fix it right now." or tells him to wait a minute. Mostly it's chatter than makes me smile. And I'm often able to work in the kitchen while they play. It's getting easier and easier (and simultaneously more fun).

A few days ago I got overwhelmed when the kids started playing with the drying rack where I had just carefully hung up all the wet clothes. I got stressed and said I was going inside and went upstairs to try to relax and not think about what was happening to the clothes. Yoav came to find me and right away said I should go to get Elie b/c Elie didn't want to come to him (Yoav). It was so sweet.

All the hitting and pushing and yelling is already becoming a blur. One day I'll probably swear that they "always" got along. Just like me and my sister supposedly "never" fought when we were little. The passage of time is great that way.

Yoav today said, "Two tens is twenty; two twenties is forty; two forties is eighty". Not sure if it's memorized or if he's figured out how to do it. He also asked me how to get a ten out of other numbers and then when I paused, he said, "two fives". Everything for him is about numbers. He always wants ten chips with his avocado because his new favorite person (his second cousin) is ten; and he wants his egg cut in ten pieces; and he has to have at least ten pancakes in the morning, etc. And he's always examining his ten (or whatever the number flavor of the week is) and breaking it down and seeing how to make it out of other numbers. Like with the egg, the first time he asked me to cut it into ten pieces, I asked rhetorically, "How am I going to get it into ten pieces?!??!" He answered, "You can make five pieces and then cut each of those in half."

Food-wise, we started a batch of homemade tortilla chips today from this recipe. My MIL brought me the pickling lime on her recent visit.

I'm trying this sourdough pancake recipe tonight. Would be great if we like it so I don't have to make two kinds - usually I do the yogurt soaked pancakes for all but Yoav and his are soaked in water and lemon juice. Plus it's cheaper...

Guess that's it. I've been a blogger failure lately. I fall asleep with the kids, then Jer wakes me back up, and then I'm a zombie just trying to get my grains soaking and straighten up a bit and check email. Blogging is way beyond my abilities in such a state ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Growing Up

I think my big baby is gone... Yoav has transitioned in the past few weeks to someone older, more mature, with empathy (is that possible? I've heard kids don't have empathy until much older) or at least what looks like empathy.

* He offered Elie a ball the other day in the car when Elie was crying to help distract/relax him (this is a fairly common one lately);
* He gives Elie kisses, doesn't get upset when Elie pushes him as part of play
* Today when *I* was stressed, he lovingly said to me, "If you want, I can go outside with you for a little bit." (meaning: I tend to suggest going outside when there's too much energy in the house or if Yoav seems off-Center, so he offered it to me for the first time ;) )

He also easily fills up the whole day on his own. He spends hours on various art projects. I had planned to really stick to my rhythm this week because Jeremy is traveling, but I was feeling kind of apathetic today after breakfast and didn't feel up to going outside yet. Meanwhile, Yoav got busy with knitting, so I pulled out my knitting, and, well, we never made it outside...

His projects today included:
* He made a house out of two paper boxes by putting a door and window in one and connecting the two with tape.
* He made a paper box to put strings of finger crochet that he made yesterday (btw, this was an amazing project he did yesterday - he made about ten lengths of finger crochet of various lengths and then put them next to eachother one by one saying which is bigger than which. One was 70 stitches long and he talked about how that one was much bigger than, for instance, the 5 stitch one... A perfect "greater than / less than" self-designed project!
* He made a book about horses for his horseback riding teacher - it's about 15 pages long, taped together along the spine - each page has pictures of horses doing various things -in a stall, eating hay, a pony nursing, one being brushed, etc.
* He made another book of patterns of felt animals - it's about ten pages.
* He drew on some fabric to turn it into designer fabric
* He cut up some fabric and laid it out into a patchwork blanket design for his gnomes (we didn't sew it up, he just planned it)
* He designed some fabric for me on paper - little houses.
* He made his addax costume for Purim - a box with arms and head holes (was part of the house), and horns that are attached to one another and then fit on his head with a round of yarn.
* and I'm sure there's more that I wasn't aware of...

I know it could just be temporary. I'll be sure to refer to this post later if he reverts back ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Centering Yoav

I've already gotten a few chances already to try out what I learned from my coaching session with Scott Noelle the other day.

We had a particularly amusing one this afternoon. Yoav went to the bathroom and somehow got some drops of water on his undies. They were his Hanna Anderson red ones and he has only one pair of red.

Anyway, so Yoav was yelling that he wanted his red undies AND he wanted them to be dry. (Yoav has a lot of issues about water, but he does like taking baths now likes the pool and puddles and creeks - he just doesn't like any drops of water on his clothes or the tablecloth.) I was holding him and said, "Let's get Centered first and then I know we'll be able to figure out a solution to the undies problem." He said, "I don't want to be Centered first! I just want dry red undies!" I eased the tension with some humor, saying that our brains were scattered since we weren't Centered, and wouldn't be able to come up with a good solution in this state - I said we might accidentally put the undies on our heads or put them on Elie instead of on Yoav. That helped him relax a little and he added a few such possibilities. Then Elie, not really understanding that we were having a dilemma about the water spots, went into the bathroom to get the undies and handed them to me (he's quite the helpful two-year-old!) I told Elie that Yoav said they'd gotten wet and he only wanted them if they were dry. So I asked Elie, "Are they dry now?" Nod yes. To clarify, I asked, "Are they wet or dry?" Elie felt them and nodded yes. Yoav looked to me to clarify and asked me if they were wet or dry - I repeated with a straight face, "They're wet or dry." Yoav had a good laugh over that asked Elie again and got the same confident nod from Elie that they were "wet or dry" and laughed some more and was now truly Centered and let me easily slip the undies and pants on and off we went...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elie and Yoav

Elie thinks he's Yoav's personal comedian. He just poured a cup of water on the floor (typical for him, unfortunately!) and looked at Yoav and said, "Od pom?" (again?) Yoav says yes and Elie spills more. Again, "Od pom?" to Yoav, yes from Yoav and again and again. Each time doing it for Yoav's enjoyment ;)

I love watching their interactions. Really they both try to make eachother laugh, but Elie more so, probably because he wants so much to be Yoav's friend. He watches everything Yoav does and copies so much from Yoav. Even silly things like yesterday Yoav laid down on the floor because he tummy hurt and Elie assumed Yoav was up to something fun and laid down with him, waiting expectantly for the fun to start :)

I think we actually might have had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday with Yoav. I mentioned that he freaked out about the pen on his paper. I'm trying to use Scott Noelle's ideas from our last coaching session to help Yoav with these upsets about seemingly minor details that he's had for years :( We've made a lot of progress since my last call, but I think it's time for a booster session.. Anyway, yesterday, Yoav started screaming about the paper and I just said we can't fix the paper, but we can still read the words on it. He kept screaming at me to fix it and I said I didn't want to play the game, it's not fun for me and it's not fun for Yoav. I tried some Byron Katie on him - how would you be if you didn't care about the pen? I feel like I made some sort of breakthrough. He started crying and hugging me in a cathartic way. He was calm and happy all the rest of yesterday and so far so good today. And even when Elie was crying after Jeremy left for his class, Yoav kissed Elie on the face to help calm him. We'll see.

I love that I made so much food on Friday. I think it's going to help me sail through the week food-wise. We had cholent for late lunch/dinner on Saturday, chicken soup for dinner yesterday, and we have enough rice and lentils for a few more days so I can make that with a bit of liver and we'll be good to go. One day I'll make brown rice noodles with homemade tomato sauce and ground beef, since Yoav loves that meal... I once read a story about a family who spent one weekend a month making food for the whole month and stored it all in their massive commercial freezer. I'm starting to understand it. Especially with kids, I love having cooked food ready-to-go. Especially the soups - a bit of soup with chicken stock is so healthy (IMO). And Elie loves soup. Then I just have to make easy things like eggs and veggie sides...