WAPF in Israel

* The good news in Israel is that most meat here is imported from South America, where a lot of meat seems to be grass-fed and finished. Best sources are Uruguay, where I'm told that *all* meat is grass-fed/finished or Argentina where *most* is grass-fed/finished.
* Grass-fed/finished kosher meat is available in Tsfat with a 100 kilo (!) minimum (there's a 10 kg minimum at Pesach and Rosh Hashana): 052-256-9929
* Grass-fed meat from Uruguay and Argentina available at the Mahane Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem for about 35 shek/kilo!!!! (A new and very exciting find for me - found in Aug 2010)
* Free-range organic kosher chicken (try finding that in the States!!) - A farm in Yad Natan raises free-range organic kosher-certified chicken. They deliver every three months after shechita and will even store for you if you want to order more than you have room for in your freezer. Tel is 08-684-8653.

* From Eliezer in Bat Ayin: Kombucha (750ml), Honey Wine - Mead 7.5 alc, Ginger Beer and Root Beer - both non alcoholic, Raw Sauerkraut and Kimchi, starter cultures for kombucha, water and milk kefir. Email me for contact information.

* Small goat dairy in Tsfat offering raw milk, yogurt, labane and soft cheese - 0527-141-713
* AMAZING goat farm (organic grass fed milk) located on the road to the Stalactite cave just West of Nes Harim. Chut Ya'aren I think it's called - Tel 02-9997811
* Raw milk and yogurt is available from Duchan store in Pardes Hannah
* Raw milk and yogurt also available in larger quantities from a West Bank farm. Email me for contact information.
* Raw cheese from Switzerland is supposedly available from Eden under the name of Appenzeller (not kosher)
* Kerrygold butter (listed as "Good" in the WAPF guide) WAS available at the Mega chains (K-LBO Kahrut symbol) - this seems to not be distributed in Israel anymore - let me know if anyone sees it...
* Organic ghee is available from Eden Market and other HFSs (also listed as "Good" in the WAPF guide - I haven't seen a kosher one.)
* Raw organic goat cheese: Contact is the Gordons at (054) 484-9094.
* Raw parmesan cheese (don't know if it's kosher or not): Found at Super Bubba supermarket on Yirmiahu St. in Tel Aviv. Parmigiano-Reggiano from Modena, with certification: http://www.parmigiano-reggiano.it/en/where/purchase_guide/symbols_marks.aspx

* Delicious organic veggies from Ben's Farm in Tirosh - he delivers to the Bet Shemesh / Jerusalem area - www.bensfarm.co.il. His cherry tomatoes taste like candy!
* Organic produce (including fruit, eggs, honey) from Tzora Kibbutz - email me for contact information.

* For those in the Jerusalem area, free-range eggs are available from a farm in Nes Harim - these have much orange-er yolks than those of Givat Olam, which are also free-range, but I think not as free ;)  www.yotav.co.il
* Free-range eggs from Givat Olam (these are preferred by the WAPF chapter leader, but others are widely available as well).  They are available at Eden and many other natural food stores throughout the country.

* Pillar Rock canned wild salmon (http://www.oceanbeauty.com/brands/pillar.htm) is available at Eden Market. (I checked with the woman who manages the WAPF Shopping Guide and she said it looks ok and will add it as "Good".)

* There's a farmer in Itamar who delivers organic grains in Yerushalaim area (may be also elsewhere). His name is Barak, phone # 0577 526 923.
* You can also buy bulk from Nitzat Haduvdevan.

* There is a kosher-certified product by Billington's that seems to offer the same product that is endorsed by NT (Rapunzel brand Rapadura). It is an unrefined cane sugar. It is sold at Bio-Center in Givat Hen.

* Kfar Tapuach - www.organics.co.il
* Organic grains, dry fruit, produce: http://www.vitaminglobal.com/

If you know of any other sources, please let me know so I can add them to the list!