A compilation of my favorite parenting/Waldorf books and articles:

General Waldorf Homeschooling:
"Kingdom of Childhood" by Rudolf Steiner
"Kindergarten for Your 3-6 Year Old" by Donna Simmons
"Heaven on Earth; A Handbook for Parents of Young Children", by Sharifa Oppenheimer
"Rhythms of Learning" by Rudolf Steiner, Edited by Robert Trostli
"Waldorf Student Reading List", by Pamela Fenner
Article:  "Learning to Read and Write in Waldorf Schools", by William Ward

"Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools" by Thomas Wildgruber
"Feltcraft" by Petra Berger
"Toymaking with your Children" by Freya Jaffke
"Magic Wool" by Freya Jaffke
"Earthways" by Carol Petrash
Article:  "The Relevance of Handwork and Craft", by Berard Graves
Article:  "The Importance of Handwork in the Waldorf Curriculum", by Patricia Livingston

"Joyful Movement" by Donna Simmons
"Games Children Play" by Kim Brooking-Payne

"Healing Stroies for Challenging Behavior" by Susan Perrow
"The Art of Storytelling" by Nancy Mellon

"Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin
"The Continuum Concept" by Jean Liedloff
"Simplicity Parenting" by Kim John Payne
"Unconditional Parenting" by Alfie Kohn
"Hold on to Your Kids" by Gordon Neufeld
"The Daily Groove" by Scott Noelle
Five Reasons to Stop Saying Good Job, by Alfie Kohn
What is ‘Unconditionality’?, by Scott Noelle

Where’s My Center?, by Scott Noelle

"Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon
"Sugar Blues" by William Duffy