Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Good Day

Two good days in a row - for me, with homeschooling, that's a lot, and since it included several, "I love school!" comments, I'm going to let out a small sigh of relief.  I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to continue long enough to establish a rhythm and get a bit of learning in!

We did words with the short A vowel sound today.  We did three families - so I wrote the first word and then Yoav came up with the rest.  He then wrote them into his MLB and came up with a sentence using a few of the words and drew a picture to go with the sentence.  In the first picture below, Yoav is reading the words to Elie.




Our morning activity was drawing.  For today, we started practicing the "archetypal forms".  It's actually ridiculously hard to do.  You'd think it was easy to draw a circle, but even that is hard for me.  The idea is to hold the crayon very lightly and start drawing from the center - that way you have control over how big the circle ends up and the darkness.  If you just draw the circle outline, if it's too big, you're stuck.  The idea of practicing these is that you can use these shapes to make animals and everything really.  For instance, a bird can be drawn as an egg-shaped body and egg-shaped head.  You can see the forms here and example animals using the forms.

Our afternoon activity was knitting.  I wanted to make a flute case (like this one) but he didn't want to and one of the downsides of our homeschooling is that I have a hard time getting Yoav to do much that he doesn't want to do.  So I have to try to come up with ways of teaching that he *does* like, but I have no idea how to get him to make a flute case if he doesn't want one :(  So, instead, he was excited with the idea of making a treasure pouch, like this one here.  He's using orange wool yarn he got as a gift with size 7 needles.  He cast on 18 stitches and has knit about six rows so far.  He'll just knit until he's happy with the size, sew up two edges and then we'll thread a finger knit line as a drawstring.  Meanwhile, I'm making this one for Elie - Yoav thought it would be fun if we were to each make pouches ;)

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