Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Planning First Grade - Part III - To Do!

Okay, last post of the night.

This is my list of to-do items - I'm not counting reading and planning as *doing*, though I have a LOT more of that to do as well ;)

* Make a GREEN (per Eric Fairman in Path of Discovery First Grade) large chalkboard - likely 3'x4' - using this tutorial and instructions from Mrs. M (waldorfhomeeducators Yahoo group); ideally with pine border
* Make two small lap chalk boards, using same method; ideally with rounded corners
* Build sandbox (for use with Form Drawing and drawing letters in the sand) - you could also use a sand tray, but I've wanted a sandbox for the kids for years and finally have the space for one, so am using the given reasons as motivation to get one built before September!
* Make balance beam - I'm thinking of making it with two tree stumps with wood board nailed on - this is for movement and also math (counting by 1s/2s/10s while walking backward and more)
* Paint the play/school room using Lazure painting method - using info from here and a video tutorial here, color info from here, and examples from the main Lazure site here.  The room we are painting was originally (not by us) used as a movie room, so the walls and ceiling are currently a dark blue.  I'm considering getting this Ebook to help as well.  And I'll get Lazure paint brushes here.
* Buy wood desks (hopefully these with ADJUSTABLE LEGS! from IKEA - I hope this is available at our IKEA) and size legs to size based on measurements in Audrey McAllen's "Teaching Children Handwriting".
* Make second painting/cooking apron using same pattern I used for this one, but Yoav wants a linen one (like mine)
* Make painting boards using Mrs. M's details (out of melamine, if I can find it here)

Planning First Grade - Part II - Calendar

My calendar is almost the same as that of Mrs. M's (waldorfhomeeducators Yahoo group) in "The First Grade" and the addition of a second short Form Drawing block based on Eugene Schwartz's calendar.  Eugene Schwartz has three blocks of Form Drawing whereas Mrs. M suggests one four week block at the beginning of the year and then to incorporate Form Drawing into the Main Lesson once a week.  I'll do 1.5 blocks of Form Drawing and will do weekly Form Drawing after the initial telling of the new story for the week (Mondays).  Honestly, the only reason I put in the second Form Drawing block is that I didn't want a full 4 week block to be cut off by Hanukkah :)   But, I'm glad for the extra time for Form Drawing, because I know me and I know I'm better at making schedules than sticking to them, so I'm sure I won't actually *do* Form Drawing after every new story!

The weekly four day "academic" schedule will be:
Sunday:  Family Day (day for errands, taking care of the house, going to a nature reserve or hike or whatnot)
Monday: Tell story (TELL not read)
Tuesday:  Retell story with child's help, with artistic element (like painting or drawing or modeling wax)
Wednesday:  Retell the story, mostly the child, with academic element
Thursday:  Painting Day
Friday:  Baking Day (this is our day to make challah - just a simple Kindy day for Elie)
Saturday:  Shabbat

2010-2011 CALENDAR (school holidays are listed with holiday names)

SEPTEMBER - Form Drawing - 3.5 weeks
9/5 - 9/8
9/12 - 9/15
9/19 - 9/22
9/26 - 9/27
9/28 - 9/30 - Rosh Hashanah (holiday)

OCTOBER - First Language Arts Block - Consonants - 4 weeks
10/3 - 10/6
10/10 - 10/12
10/12 - 10/19 - Sukkot (holiday)
10/20 - Shemeni Atzeret (holiday)
10/24 - 10/27
10/31 - 11/3

NOVEMBER - First Math Block - Qualities of Numbers - 4 weeks
11/7 - 11/10
11/14 - 11/17
11/21 - 11/24
11/28 - 12/1

DECEMBER - Second Form Drawing - 2 weeks
12/5 - 12/8
12/12 - 12/15
12/21 - 12/28 - Hanukkah (holiday)

JANUARY - Second Language Arts - Remaining Consonants - 4 weeks
1/2 - 1/5
1/9 - 1/12
1/16 - 1/19
1/23 - 1/26

FEBRUARY - Second Math - The Four Processes - 4 weeks
1/30 - 2/2
2/6 - 2/9
2/13 - 2/16
2/20 - 2/23

MARCH - Nature - 2.5 weeks
2/27 - 3/1
3/5 - 3/6
3/6-3/9 - Purim (holiday)
3/12 - 3/15

MARCH - Third Language Arts - Vowels - 2 weeks
3/19 - 3/22
3/26 - 3/29

4/6 - 4/13 - Pesach (holiday - stretching out to two full weeks)

APRIL - Third Math - 4 weeks
4/16 - 4/19
4/23 - 4/25
4/26 - Yom Ha'Atzmaut (holiday)
4/30 - 5/3
5/7 - 5/9

MAY - Fourth Language Arts - Writing - 4 weeks
5/14 - 5/17
5/21 - 5/24
5/28 - 5/31
6/4 - 6/7

JUNE - Year-End Review - 2 weeks
6/11 - 6/14
6/18 - 6/21

I put the full calendar in Google Calendar, which seems pretty good for me.  I like Lisa's calendar here, but I want one that starts on Sunday and with Google Calendar, I can include the Jewish Holidays and birthdays and can print each week Sun-Sat with each day as a separate calendar just like in the book Lisa uses AND I can print monthly views as well.  So far I entered all my block titles into the calendar and later will add details like flute and handwork (and birthdays which need to be on the calendar so we can make gifts during Handwork time).

Planning First Grade - Part I - Resources

So, it's been a LONG time since I last posted.  I want to start posting my plans and progress for First Grade, which we are starting in the Fall.  Blogging our days has helped me to stay motivated and on track and I'll need that next year when we have SO much to cover (or so it seems - in a few years, First Grade will look like cake.)

I've been busy reading everything about First Grade Waldorf that I can get my hands on!  I'm using Marsha Johnson's free guides (available through her amazing Yahoo group waldorfhomeeducators).  I got the Christopherus First Grade curriculum and read it but I'm not using it at all.  I'm much more drawn to Mrs. M's materials and much prefer spending my money on supplemental books than a curriculum.

All in all (for now), I'm using:

Mrs. M's First Grade Materials - available at waldorfhomeeducators Yahoo group
Eric Fairman - "Path of Discovery Grade One"
Marsha Johnson - "Creating Beautiful Main Lesson Books"

Roy Wilkinson - "Teaching Mathematics"
Ron Jarmon - "Teaching Mathematics in Rudolf Steiner Schools"

Roy Wilkinson - "Interpretation of Fairy Tales"
Donna Simmons - "Form Drawing for Beginners"
Laura Embrey-Stine and Ernst Schuberth - "Form Drawing for Grades 1-4"
Audrey McAllen - "Teaching Children Handwriting"

Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton - "A First Book of Knitting"
Arthur Auer - "Learning About the World Through Modeling"
Rauld Russell - "Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting" - available via Mrs. M's group

Marsha Johnson - "Teaching Yourself and Your Child Pentatonic Flute"

I'm going to break this up into a few posts so it's easier for me...