Sunday, May 30, 2010


I made mejadra for our Shabbat dinner and it was delicious AND Elie loved it (as well as me or Jer - Yoav wouldn't taste) AND it has phosphorus in the lentils AND chicken broth SO it's really healthy overall and specifically great for Elie's teeth :)


1 cup brown basmati rice
1/2 cup lentils
1 1/2 onions
1/2 T cumin
lemon juice for soaking
olive oil for sauteeing
salt and pepper to taste

* Soak rice in filtered water and 1 T lemon juice overnight (at least seven hours)
* Soak lentils in filtered water and 1/2 T lemon juice overnight
* Make rice according to Rice II recipe in "Nourishing Traditions" (I used homemade chicken stock instead of water)
* Boil lentils about half an hour in filtered water until soft
* Sautee onions in olive oil until translucent
* Add cumin and a dash of salt and pepper and continue sauteeing for another minute
* Add lentils and rice and sautee five minutes

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan

Kombucha for breakfast, milk kefir, ginger tea, ginger ale or bone broth for other meals

S1 (morning): fresh seasonal low(er)-fructose fruit and crispy almonds; raw goat's yogurt with seasonal fruit for me and Elie
S2 (afternoon): Rotate between kale chips (made in the dehydrator); sauteed chard; avocado and homemade tortilla chips (recipe from Cheeseslave); popcorn
S3 (evening): Oatmeal with honey

Su-R: Banana bread (NT, p. 483)
F: Pancakes (NT, p. 478)
Sa: Banana bread (NT, p. 483)

Su-F: Fried egg for Yoav, Over easy eggs for Em and Elie; sourdough bread with butter; cucumber and tomato salad (NT p. 183)
Sa: Cholent with grass-fed organic oyster blade beef and leftover salads

Dinner (note that fermented foods will be added whenever they seem appetizing - I have pickled beets, pickled carrots and sauerkraut)
Su: Dinner at SIL's house
M: Shwarma from Joanna Gur's "The Book of New Israeli Food", rice, hummus, Israeli salad
T: Salmon croquettes for Em, Jer, Elie; chicken liver for Yoav
W: Grass-fed steak cooked per NT p. 331, steamed broccoli, rice
R: Broiled chicken liver for Yoav; Chopped liver for me and Elie; mejadra (using the recipe in Janna Gur's "New Israeli Food" but using the NT recipe for rice with basmati rice cooked in homemade chicken stock)
F: Challah, chicken soup, roast chicken, Mejadra with brown basmati rice, sweet potatoes, hummus, cucumber/tomato salad - some recipes here
Sa: Leftover salads, cholent, leftover challah

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two recipes: Tuna Salad and Rice with Carrots/Onions/Garlic

Just made a pretty good tuna salad - I'm going to rotate between this and the salmon croquettes - this is certainly a lot easier ;) Next time I'll try with scallions instead of regular onions.

Tuna Salad
1 can Vital Choice wild albacore tuna
2 T homemade mayonnaise (recipe in "Nourishing Traditions", no whey used)
1 red pepper, diced very fine
1 stalk celery, diced very fine
bit of onion, diced very fine
bit of parsley, chopped fine
1/8 t pepper

I also have been making rice for our Shabbat dinner similarly to the way I was a while ago with the rice partially cooked and then finishing with the chicken. But, to save the hassle of making sure it doesn't dry out, I found a way to make it separately that's just as good (better since there's not a single grain that's hard). It's really good - when Jeremy's 16 year old nephew was here recently for Shabbat dinner, he liked it so much that he took one of the serving bowls of rice and ate that for his dinner ;)

Brown Basmati Rice with Sauteed Carrots & Onions

1 cup brown basmati rice
2 cups homemade chicken stock
2 T lemon juice
1/2 t sea salt
2 T olive oil
4-5 carrots, cut vertically both ways (into vertical quarters), then diced thin
1 onion, sliced into very thin circles
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 T (not sure about this - just guessing) extra virgin coconut oil
diced chard (or spinach or parsley) - amount to visual preference

* Cook rice per the "Brown Rice II" directions in "Nourishing Traditions" (soaked overnight, brought to boil, and simmered on the lowest setting for 45 mins).
* Meanwhile, begin sauteeing the onions on low in the coconut oil. Add the carrots after a few minutes (to give the onions a head start). Sautee about 20 minutes until golden and soft. Add garlic and diced chard and sautee for an additional minute.
* When rice is finished, mix rice with carrot/onion/garlic/chard mixture.
* Eat warm.

Torn Skirt

My beloved three-tier skirt that I made in high school finally has a tear beyond repair. Don't you hate when you only get 20 years of use out of a clothes item LOL? Not to worry, though - I think I can repurpose it into a child's skirt. ;)

I love this skirt so much. I wish I had saved the pattern. I still rue the day five years ago when I gave away the pattern thinking I had no use for it since I was no longer sewing. It was a Simplicity pattern and I've searched and searched on vintage pattern sites, but I can't find it. It's a really easy pattern, so I should be able to figure it out myself, but I'm nervous about trying my hand at clothes sans pattern, even something as easy as a skirt... We'll see. This tear certainly gives me motivation.

I'll have to photo of her last day later...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dress Up

Just wanted to post this adorable photo of the boys dressing up in playsilks. I managed to catch Elie's little embarrassed look on camera!! I'm SO happy about that, you can't even imagine! I LOVE that look. He seems to do it when he knows you're thinking how ridiculously cute he is ;) He's been doing it since he was about a year old. I was just telling Jeremy a few days ago how much I'm going to miss this face when he stops doing it and now I won't be missing it anymore no matter what! In case you can't tell what I'm talking about, it's a little tightening of the mouth - it's a little hard to tell really in the photo unless you've seen the look before, but this photo will be enough for me to remember the full look. It's often accompanied with some sweet eye batting ;)

Knitted Cat

I made this little toy cat for Yoav from "Toymaking with Children" by Freya Jaffke (with Purewool yarn). Then Elie fell in love with it, a squabble ensued, and a second cat was born ;) I think Elie's is in his little bag in the car, but it looks exactly the same as this one. They both carried their little cats around all day today. This was a great little project because it was quick, I got it all done while the kids were awake, and the finished toy actually looks like a cat, and the boys love them ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Red Cabbage Salad

I made a delicious red cabbage salad last week that I'm recreating now and realized I forgot to post. Elie LOVES this! I have to make extra when we're having guests or I'll have nothing left by dinner!

Red Cabbage Salad
10 oz red cabbage diced very fine - you could probably even pulse it in a food processor
7 T homemade mayonnaise (I used the NT recipe - no whey, 1 c olive oil as the oil)
1/4 t sea salt
1/4 t pepper
1 T lemon juice

Put in refrigerator for one hour. Then serve at room temp. It can be made a day in advance without any noticeable taste difference.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainbow Chard

Today I saw rainbow chard in the grocery store. I don't remember seeing it in Israel before. I've only seen Mangold, Kale and Spinach. Rainbow Chard was a favorite of Yoav's in days past - we had some growing in our garden in Brooklyn, but it wasn't nearly enough and we dreamed of having a whole 4'x4' square foot garden of rainbow chard.

I got the chard today and sauteed it in lots of coconut oil and some minced garlic. Both boys gobbled it up. I'm a derelict mother if I don't serve either this or the dehydrated kale daily! So I'm putting it out there that I'm committing to serve them one or the other every day! I love that it was dripping with coconut oil, so they not only got the chard, but also the coconut oil. I'm trying to make sure we all eat at least two tablespoons of coconut oil a day. Coconut oil helps prevent heart disease, is anti-microbial, anti-cancer, reduces cholesterol, etc! Read more here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Funny Stories

Two quick funny stories - much more I'd *like* to post, but this is all I'll get to ;)

1) The other day, my niece offered Yoav a piece of candy. He said to her, "I have banana bread (the Nourishing Traditions recipe). Do you want a piece? It's much better than candy." Not sure if he would think so if he tasted the candy. He thinks candy is toxic (whoops!) so he avoids it. He has eaten and thoroughly enjoyed organic lollipops on occasion, but he might not realize that lollipops are classified as candy.

2) Today while I was putting Elie to sleep for nap and Yoav was playing in his room, Elie was almost asleep when Yoav threw a wooden cargo truck Elie had been playing with that was filled up with almonds. Elie immediately sat upright in bed and cried, "Truck! Almonds!" and we had to go down to sort it all out. I was surprised that he knew immediately what it was from the sound. After he said what it was, I remembered the sound and knew he was right, but I certainly didn't know right away.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Small Change

I just heard about this blog - One Small Change - via Donna Ashton's The Mindful Connection series.

I'll be starting with my Changes in June - come along and join me!

Positive Parenting Moment - Child wants something NOW!

Just had a positive response to Yoav screaming that he wants his little flower child from the car RIGHT NOW!

He was yelling and I could feel a knot forming in my stomach. I reminded myself to breathe and stay calm (I actually said this out loud to myself out of earshot of him)... When he came to me, I said, "Let's not get it now, let's get it a minute ago! Wouldn't that be better to *already* have it?" Yoav immediately relaxed since he was me by a relaxed mama and said, "We can't get it a minute ago!" and laughed and said, "But if we get it now it's still faster than the fastest turtle." And I zipped out to the car to get it, gave it to him, and we were all Calm. whew! Why are these moments SO trying for me!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finding a Rhythm

We changed up our rhythm today by going for a morning walk - it's an idea from Christopherus that I really love - the idea is that you go out every morning, rain/shine/cold, so the children learn about the changing of the seasons in a deep and meaningful way. It felt really good to go out on a walk - we started off with a nature walk in the fields near our house and exited the fields at the playground, where we had a snack and Elie played a bit (Yoav refuses to use the playground there - he say he "hates" it because it doesn't have enough things to do :( ).

I'm also trying to do more puppet shows versus just reading stories. So I read the stories Su-T and then do a puppet show on Wednesday. This week is a really easy story, so it worked well - we are doing "The Boy Who Learned to Listen" from Shea Darian's "Seven Times the Sun". The only props needed were a boy, father, old man as the king, frog, dogs and bird and a few tree blocks for the forest. It wasn't as lovely as it might sound, since Elie was watching and was yelling "No!" (in a silly way) for the first half. But the kids enjoyed it and I could see Yoav really straining to hear over Elie. You might think I could have just waited it out, but I truly tried and there seemed to be no end to it ;) I use our playstand for the puppet show - I sit behind one playstand and use the shelf for the acting. I took a Waldorf mommy/me class with Yoav when he was 2.5yo, so I learned how to do Waldorf puppetry (to some extent) from the class. It's one of my favorite things about Waldorf - it's so obvious by watching the Yoav's face during the puppet show how very much he enjoys it. And after I finished, he jumped up to do his own, which was quite cute with some made up songs included. Funny enough, Elie jumped up to do a show after Yoav was finished! He popped behind the playstand and started setting up so intently as if he was really going to put on a show for us. He spent a good five minutes setting up - draping one play silk after another over the shelf, passing up the knotting play silks as unacceptable for his show. Eventually Yoav got tired of waiting and hopped around to help Elie. Yoav did another small show with Elie has his right-hand man...

The schedule didn't work so well because we didn't have time for the craft before lunch and after lunch we did quiet time and then went to the grocery store, so the craft got put off until evening when Elie fell asleep. We didn't do the planned full nature table makeover because I was feeling tired and stressed. I pulled out "Feltcraft" and decided to make a "flower child" for the nature table, but Yoav said he wanted it for his castle (which he says he wants for his birthday in six months). I really enjoyed making it. I haven't been doing much sewing lately because I've felt so overwhelmed with everything else, but it was so very soothing for me. I need to start on a new knitting project - I think that works best for me as an ongoing project since it's so easy to start and stop and bring along to the playground. I get so tripped up thinking about what to make and what yarn to use and whatnot :(

Here's the little "tulip child":

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lots of Raw Milk!

I'm a very happy mama today. For lots of reasons of course, but mostly because I'm finally finding sources of all the raw foods I want.

A few months ago, through the WAPF leader here in Israel, I made contact with someone in Kfar Saba, the town next to me. We chatted about WAPF, shared ideas and resources and swapped email address so we could update eachother on any new Traditional Food finds. A few weeks later, he emailed me that he'd been in contact with a religious farmer in the West Bank who runs an organic farm. He told me that if we could order 20 liters of raw (grass-fed goat's) milk at a time, we'd be able to get it for 12 shekels a liter (about $3/quart). I thought I'd be able to get a few other people to go in on it with us, but no one was interested. So he and I did an order together - we each got 10 L raw milk and I got two yogurts to use as starter, some raw honey and fresh flour (wheat and rye, but spelt is also available).

Here's a photo of my lovely 10 liters of raw milk. I'm SO ecstatic to have this supply. I've laid awake at night worried about our minimal raw milk consumption, since, before this, I was only able to pick up a few liters at a time (from a store in Pardes Hanna). And now it's from a big farm so I'll be able to get it year round, AND my foodie partner in Kfar Saba thinks we'll be able to get raw butter and cream as well. I'm very happy with Kerrygold, but to slather raw butter on my sourdough would bring me much joy ;)

I just put up two liters of yogurt using the following method:

Raw Milk Yogurt
Yield: 2 quarts + 1/2 cup

2 quarts raw milk
1/2 cup yogurt from a previous batch

In a glass pot or cast iron pot, slowly bring the milk to 110F, stirring occasionally (If the milk is pasteurized, it's best to heat to 180F).

Pour the starter yogurt and a few spoonfuls of the warm milk into a glass jar with lid and shake will. This step helps the starter yogurt blend with the rest of the raw milk better.

Add the tempered starter to the milk in the pot. Stir with slotted wooden spoon for one minute. Wait five minutes. Stir again for one minute.

Pour into mason jars and loosely cap.

Put in oven with pilot light on for 12-18 hours. Then put in the refrigerator for about six hours to thicken.

(There are also methods of wrapping the mason jar with towels to keep warm or putting in a thermos. Many people are lucky enough to have Excalibur dehydrators (or similar) so the yogurt can fit right in.)

Fermented Tortilla Chips

I've posted a few times before about tortilla chips being the only processed food we have in the house. Yoav loves avocado with chips or crackers. I've tried a few NT-style crackers that I've posted about, but none were really smash hits or repeatable snack options. Until today!!!

We made the fermented tortilla chips from Cheeseslave's blog. I used regular organic popping corn and the Mrs. Wage's pickling lime, which I got online somewhere and my MIL brought to me in Israel.

I made small chips instead of tortillas. I followed her method exactly but for pressing the chips, first I tried wax paper, but the dough got stuck to it, so I used ziploc bags - I laid one small one on the counter where I put the little balls of dough and then put one over my small cutting board to use as the press. I hate to use plastic, but to get Yoav to swap processed tortilla chips for homemade fermented ones, it was a small price to pay :)

It was a huge success! Yoav said he never wants the ones from the store again - only mine! And he ate quite a lot, so I know he wasn't just trying to make me feel good :)

Dehydrated Kale Chips

Someone asked me to post how I make my dehydrated kale chips, so here goes ;)

Dehydrated Kale Chips

Wash and dry kale
Remove the leaves from the stem
Slather on olive oil and some sea salt
Put in dehydrator overnight at about 100F

I haven't thought much about how many hours it takes for the chips to get crunchy, but definitely if you put them in at night, they're ready for afternoon snack the next day... I'm going to put in a batch now!

Before I tried making them with my dehydrator, I used to make them by putting them in the oven at 375 for about 8 minutes. They taste about the same, but the nutritional content is much better with the dehyrator since enzymes and vitamins aren't lost through high-temperature baking. Also, with the oven, a minute too little leaves them too floppy and a minute too much makes them burn.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan

I can't really call this a weekly meal plan since my lack of energy has led me to do it on Monday night after a day of almost no food in the house... After eating all the bits of leftovers today, I desperately need a plan for groceries, so I'm forcing myself to do this even though it's already 2am - ack!!!

My only other note is that my sourdough starter died, so this will be a sourdough-less week as we're waiting for the new starter to be ready.

Kombucha for breakfast, ginger tea, ginger ale or bone broth for other meals

S1 (morning): fresh seasonal low(er)-fructose fruit and crispy almonds; raw goat's yogurt with seasonal fruit for me and Elie
S2 (afternoon): Rotate between kale chips (made in the dehydrator); avocado and homemade tortilla chips (recipe from Cheeseslave); popcorn
S3 (evening): Oatmeal with honey

Su: Banana bread (NT, p. 483)
T: Pancakes (NT, p. 478)
W,R: Banana bread (NT, p. 483)
F: Pancakes (NT, p. 478)
Sa: Banana bread (NT, p. 483)

Su-F: Fried egg for Yoav, Over easy eggs for Jer, Em and Elie; banana bread with butter; cucumber and tomato salad (NT p. 183)
Sa: Cholent with grass-fed organic oyster blade beef and leftover salads

Dinner (note that fermented foods will be added whenever they seem appetizing - I have pickled beets, pickled carrots and sauerkraut)
T: Salmon croquettes for Em, Jer, Elie; Leftover cholent or chicken liver for Yoav
W: Shnitzel, brown basmati rice (need to soak on T night), sauteed mangold
R: Spaghetti (recipe in NT in ground beef section) with brown rice noodles
F: Challah, chicken soup, carrot/ginger soup, roast chicken, brown basmati rice, sweet potatoes, hummus, babaganoush, cucumber/tomato salad - recipes here
Sa: Leftover salads, cholent, leftover challah

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is a really good (short) article explaining why to avoid using consequences (and rewards) with our kids:

Food Progress

I finished two foods today that I've been meaning to try for a while - I made the NT ginger ale a few days ago and bottled it today. Doesn't taste like any ginger ale I've tasted before LOL, but maybe there's hope after it cools in the fridge. It did get nice and fizzy, which is something. Not as good as kombucha by a long shot, but I think better than water. I'll see how the boys like it tomorrow. It was made with whey, so I don't know if Yoav will be allergic of if the whey is consumed somehow in the fermentation process. I'll try dabbing some on his skin to test first

And, secondly, I FINALLY made homemade mayonnaise. It took all of about three minutes, so anyone reading this who hasn't made it before, you have no more excuses! :) The NT version is a very healthy raw egg / olive oil mix with lots of good enzymes and all the goodies in raw egg - choline, EPA, DHA, Vitamins A and D, etc, etc, etc!!! I made it without whey to keep it parve, which means it will only last about two weeks, but I'll use it try make a babaghanouj for Friday. I'm also excited to try it with the Vital Choice wild salmon I've been so enjoying recently!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Earthschooling and Weekly Schedule

I recently bought a Lifetime membership to Earthschooling. So far, I'm incredibly happy with it. There is a wealth of resources to use - "curriculums" for each grade organized by month with verses, finger movements, stories and crafts for each month; videos teaching woodworking, storytelling, spinning, wood carving, an e-book of natural handmade gifts for kids to make, lots of ideas on helping kids learn about herbs, a form drawing e-book, etc, etc, etc.

I love Enki, but mostly for the Foundation Guides (background learning on how kids learn, the value of rhythm, sensory integration, etc) and the amazing folk story and craft collections. Now that I've gone through all the Enki folk stories and most of the crafts, I jumped at the opportunity to get some more supplementation.

I've also been using "101 Jewish Read-Aloud Stories" by Barbara Diamond, which has great jewish tales, but that will only last so long. I also want to get "Lights Along the Path: Jewish Folklore Through the Grades" by Rebecca Shacht, which is recommended by Christopherus.

Our schedule for the week is:
Story: "The Boy who Learned to Listen" from "Seven Times the Sun" by Shea Darian (this story was recommended as a May story in the Earthschooling curriculum, and is a really sweet story of a boy who learns to understand animals and his father is disgusted with his apparent lack of useful learning, and then in the story, the ability to understand animals turns out to be a huge help and, of course, listening in general is a skill we can all improve on!)
Food: homemade tortillas - using fermented corn! (This one I said we were doing another week but we didn't get to it...)
Craft: Make Spring Nature Table

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Butterfly Mobile Tutorial

6 pipe cleaners
wool roving for top ring of mobile and 12 butterflies
DMC thread (I used silver)

The idea for this mobile came from Omer store in Neve Tzedek. I looked around online and didn't see a tutorial for anything similar, so I thought I'd post one myself so I'll remember what to do if I want to make more. They're fairly quick to make and would match any nursery or add beauty to a family bedroom or playroom.

I didn't take photos of the making of the top ring, but it's just three thicknesses of pipe cleaner twisted around eachother so the diameter is about 8". I used six pipe cleaners total. Then you take wool roving and gently twist around the pipe cleaners to cover. I did two layers of a thin amount of roving.

Then I used silver DMC thread to hang the butterflies - I started with a 6" piece of thread and added two inches for each butterfly. I think the easiest way to do this is to use 12 butterflies so you can tie the thread in the clock hour positions. Tie four at 12 / 3 / 6 / 9 o'clock first and then add the ones in between. The silver thread is really hard to tie, but looks pretty. Practice your tying technique so you can get them all to be just about the same (same amount of extra thread to cut off) so the butterflies end up evenly spaced.

Then pick and sort your colors:

Then, to make the butterflies, take a thin piece of a color of roving - I used about 7" long pieces, spread out about 1.5" thick:

Turn one end to the top and one end to the bottom to make a figure 8 shape out of the wool:

Next tie a tiny bit of roving around the center, wrapping it a few times:
Turn one end to the top and one end to the bottom to make a figure 8 shape out of the wool:

Finally, using a felting needle, poke through the center about 20 times to get the wool to hold together.

Make all the butterflies.

Thread the bottom of the first piece of thread (12 o'clock piece). Put the needle first into what will be the top of the butterfly (use the less perfect side as the top), pull the needle through the bottom and back into the bottom 1/16" or so from where the needle came out and pull it back up to the top. Knot the thread as close to the end as possible and cut off the extra thread. Do this for all the butterflies, being as consistent as possible with the positioning of the thread and the knot.

At the end, cut three lengths of 18" each. Attach them evenly around the top ring. Tie them in a double knot at the top, being sure to knot them such that the ring will be as close to perfectly flat as possible. Then make a slip knot at the top to create a hole for hanging on a hook.

Crafting and Always Learning

I wanted to post a few more art photos. Yoav has been in another crafting craze this week. He seems to go in spurts with his art. He does art every day, but some weeks he spends most of his days doing art, and some days just a drawing here or there.

Yesterday he made a book - the only thing I did was write the words. He used the watercolor painting he did on Monday as the book cover and the book has 24 pages (6 pieces of paper). The pages are taped in the middle. I love all the pages, of course, but I'm including two here.

This one I thought was interesting as a math exercise - the text is: "One fish eats twelve fish, six on each side." When he dictated the words, he didn't have to do any counting, he drew six on each side and either counted when he did the drawing or knew, but by the time he dictated the words, he knew that 12 = 6*2.

And here's another school-y one. The text is: "A bird is thinking about flying away but he can't fly as high as the big mountain; he can't fly as high as the light blue bird and he can't fly as high as the red bird either. But he can fly as high as the starfish and the little bug." Doesn't that sound like one of those math word problems where the next sentence would be "Circle the bird that is thinking about flying away." ;)

These are two pictures he drew today - the top one is flowers - very similar to the Mother's Day card I got today ;) The bottom one is a person drawn out of triangles - he drew it like a pattern (similar to the patterns in Petra Berger's "Feltcraft"). He seemed to be specifically playing with triangles in it.

This is a photo of the craft project we did together today (note that I'm better at making schedules than keeping to them!) Yoav did some finger knitting and then wanted to make a hat out of it. That seemed a bit complicated so I suggested we make a rug for the gnome home (which is in the Enki craft book), an idea he very much liked. We spiraled the chain around itself into a circle and then I sewed through the middle of the chain from center to outside of circle, then back to center over and over until it held together well. I love that when I just went to look for it, I found it sitting in the gnome home.

Here's an interesting photo that Yoav took - I like the way the shadows come into play - the bunny is the black thing on the left.

Now on to my crafting...

Here's two little gnomes I made for him (pattern from "Feltcraft" by Petra Berger):

And here's a little Fairy Blossom I made for him - he's been carrying this around with him since I made it a few days ago (pattern from "Feltcraft" by Petra Berger):

Elie - Pee in the bed

I consider Elie to be completely potty trained, but he does still have occasional accidents. Sometimes if he's naked and playing with water he can't get to the toilet in time, and once in a while he still pees in the bed. I guess it's been a while since the last time, but last night was one. When he woke up and saw the pee, he said, "Yav (Yoav) pee." with all seriousness. When Yoav heard him say this, he laughed and said it wasn't his pee. So then Elie said, "Ima (me) pee." and stuck to that story ;) I don't think he was trying to hide anything; I think he just thought he would have remembered peeing in the bed if it was his...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playdough Recipe - Better

I forgot to post about our playdough experiences. We made the first one, it met the need, but was a little sticky.

Then we tried this one my sister uses and it's GREAT. Seems as good as the Montgomery County one that I was looking for.

Basic Playdough

• 1 cup flour
• 2 Tbsp cream of tartar
• ½ cup salt
• 1.5 Tbsp cooking oil
• 1 cup water

Mix flour, cream of tartar, and salt in a pan. Mix desired coloring with water, add with oil to dry mixture. Cook over medium heat until thick.

Connecting with Yoav

Today Scott Noelle announced on his PATH program that he's changing the meaning of the acronym to:
* Partnership,
* Authenticity,
* Trust, and
* Heart

A few minutes after reading his update, Yoav started yelling that he had gotten water on his pants and was "freezing" and needed new pants. I was repeating the four words in my head and thinking about them as I went to meet Yoav. I was feeling very open-hearted and relaxed. I held out my arms and said to Yoav, "Ooh, come to me. I'll shnuggle you up to keep you warm." He told me he needed new pants and I said, "I'll just cuddle you up to keep you warm instead!" Yoav started to relax but still said he needed pants. I just kept him close and cuddled and kept saying (in a silly sort of voice) that I'd keep him warm instead. Then I said, "Hmm, but what about when we want to go to the playground? (We planned to go to a cool new playground a 5-min drive away) Can I keep shnuggling you while I drive? That doesn't seem so safe. Maybe I could put you in your car seat and shnuggle you in the back. But then who would drive? We could ask Sigal (our next door neighbor) to drive us." Yoav laughed and was totally relaxed by now. Then he said, "What if she's not home?" Me: "Maybe Avishag (Sigal's 8yo daughter) could drive us?" Big laugh from Yoav. I felt like we were done since he was calm and not talking about his pants anymore. He was enjoying it so much, though, he asked me to do more ideas. So we played a bit more and then I laid him down and put a towel over his legs telling him it was for people waiting for emergency-new-pants service. He played a bit more, poking his legs out and me saying, "OH no!" and re-covering them and then I got some new pants and put them on and he was off and playing.

This was one of our best connections following him yelling for new pants. Wish I could just use the same script each time, but I know it doesn't work that way. He won't want this again. But good for me to keep the idea in my mind so I can come up with something similar for future incidents

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Enki Weekly Schedule

Story: "The Prince who thought he was a Rooster" (p. 124) from "Jewish Read-Aloud Stories" by Barbara Goldin
Food: Butternut Squash Pancakes from "GAPS Guide"
Craft: Spring Nature Table