Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yoav has been saying "No thank you" a lot. It's so cute. His words are so clear and thoughtful when he says it. Much sweeter than a "no" or even "no thanks". The other day he was sick and was flopping his arms around trying to get comfortable and accidentally hit me and I unintentionally said "Ouch." He said, "Sorry." Also was very sweet and seemed so heartfelt. Then I asked if he wanted to nurse and he said, "No thank you. I'll have some water though." It was too cute. And one of the first times he's ever turned down nursing! He's been drinking a lot of water through his sickness (fever on and off for two days and he threw up twice), which is lucky b/c lately he's been not so thrilled with water. Hopefully he'll keep drinking it once the sickness is gone.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paying for things

A few days ago when we went to the fabric store, Yoav told the store owner that he was getting two pieces of felt. He then put them into the backpack. I had helped him pick it out, but when it came time to pay, I had forgotten about it, and since it wasn't on the counter, it didn't get written up or paid for. I noticed it later and today when we were reading the Parsha with the Ten Commandments, we talked some about stealing and I explained that I was going to tell the store owner about the felt and pay for it next time we go, but that otherwise, it would be stealing. Yoav said, "I don't want to pay for it now. It's already been cut up." So funny that he would think that way! There's a Seinfeld stand-up part when Seinfeld is talking about paying at restaurants and he does a bit where he looks at the bill and says he doesn't want any of the food, he's already full or something. He says it doesn't make sense to pay after you're all done eating. Anyway, the felt comment was in the same vein and made me smile.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Cards

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Just wanted to post my valentine card, which I really like.

The basic idea was from Purlbee. I really enjoyed making them. I love taking the sewing machine to paper. This was particularly neat because the main thread was red and the bobbin thread was white so the stitches would be white on the back. For any friends reading who didn't get one, sorry! I only made a few for immediate family - grandmas and cousins. Maybe now that I have the idea, I'll manage to make more next year ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Elie's blood work & molars

Elie got blood work today to test his iron and lead levels. He did not make a peep! Literally! Yoav sat to my right and Elie on my lap. Yoav and I both held Elie's free hand and I told Elie what was going to happen right before the needle went in and he just watched me the whole time. I was really calm, which I'm sure was 90% of the reason he was calm, but still I was amazed. He didn't flinch or even look at his arm when the needle went in and only first looked to see what was going on about 3/4 of the way through, when he looked quickly and then looked back to me.

Elie also has two 12mo molars coming in on the bottom. They cut through a few days ago.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today turned out to be a really enjoyable day for me. In the morning, we went to my cousin B's house - she just moved back from Chicago to Westchester with her two kids - 4yo boy and 2yo girl. It was GREAT! Yoav and Cousin A really got along well. First Yoav was doing his usual name rhyming and A said, "No that's not my name!" and I thought he was going to get upset, but then he realized that Yoav was just having fun and he got into it to and started saying Yoav was all sorts of silly things! I started getting stressed when Yoav demanded to sit at the same table as me (instead of the kid's table) and with the same type of chair. There were no two chairs alike, but luckily B was ok with us getting two from the dining room and Yoav relaxed. His eye swelled up a little and got a few hives, probably from the lox Jer and I brought. D'oh! Bad idea! Lox is just too greasy to eat it near Yoav. It's hard to make absolutely sure it doesn't get on my fingers. Then we played some in the playroom and then went on a walk by the Long Island Sound, which was really beautiful. They live in Larchmont, and, as far as suburbs go, it seems like a perfect choice.

I have pics which I'll load eventually...

Jer took off today for Miami for a week (through Friday), so we got home and played a little and he packed and we ate dinner. He left at 5PM.

The evening was surprisingly smooth. I started cleaning - washing the bathroom, scrubbing the face paint off the mirror door in the bedroom, and sweeping and Yoav got involved with WASHING A BOX! Yes, that's what I said! It was a cardboard box! For at least half an hour, he busied himself wetting paper towels (he only used three total) in the bathroom and scrubbing the box. WOW!

Then we read lots of stories in bed together and Elie fell asleep first and then Yoav.

Yoav and Elie have really been playing a lot together. Today Yoav saw Elie crawling through my legs (I was lying down with my legs up, so they were making a tunnel) and Yoav got excited and started playing - they sometimes took turns, sometimes squished through together and sometimes went each on opposite sides at the same time - but they were always both laughing. It was great to see. Obviously it's not always like that, but some of it is so wonderful for me to see. And I'm seeing more and more of it, so I really feel like in the next few months to year, they will spend a huge amount of their time playing together.

Other cute Yoav comments from the day:
Y: "Jer, do you have an art basket?"
J: "No."
Y: "I do. And Ima does. But you and Elie don't."

Y: "Do I ever REALLY see other people in Sleepland?" (we sometimes tell him other friends of his are in sleepland and he can play with them once he falls asleep )

Y: "Do two skunks ever stink on eachother?" (not sure of the exact wording but we were talking about how skunks let out a stink on another animal if they're nervous that the other animal will hurt them - thought it was an interesting concept...)

Also, today I got frustrated w Jer when he didn't get enough whole wheat bagels and sent him back to get more and after Jer left (we were just waiting in the car), Yoav said he'd eat an onion. Too cute. He's more resilient than I am. I love it!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I've been derelict with my blogging. Too much to do, too little time!

Just wanted to save this comment. A few days ago, Yoav said, "I'm too hungry to sleep and I'm too tired to eat." He even started crying. He was really tired and hungry! I told him if he got hungry during the night to wake me up and I'd make him toast and he relaxed and fell quickly to sleep.

We've been doing well with the getting to sleep part. Three nights in a row, both kids have fallen asleep indoors, versus walking them to sleep outside. Tues and Wed were smoother than today. I read stories, turned out the light, nursed Yoav 7x7s, nursed Elie and sang Kumbaya (per Yoav's request). So cozy to fall asleep that way.

Another comment Yoav made that impressed me was today at Jac and Phoenix's house. They just got a loft and the boys were jumping from the top bed to the bottom one. The first time Yoav did it alone, he said he was scared and wished he'd already done it before. Amazing that he realized that he'd feel better if that was the case!