Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elie's 6th Tooth / Nature People

Elie got tooth #6 today - it's his second one over on the top right (from his viewpoint).

Today is our craft day and we made Nature People. For our morning walk, I talked to Yoav about how we'd made Nature People so we looked for objects to use - we got acorns, pinecones, dried sweet gum flowers, leaves, twigs and a few other things. When we got home, we spread everything out on the table, I made glue (3 tbsp flour, 3 tbsp sugar, heat on stove, add 1 tsp white vinegar and then cold water until thick and sticky) and we made our people. We used felt for hats, coats and scarves. They're sitting out to dry now. I hope the glue holds. We got the recipe from "The Creative Family" by Amanda Soule - it's the first time I've made the glue. The idea for the Nature People came from "Earthways" by Carol Petrash.

We also made applesauce today. We used organic Gala apples from the Coop and added cinnamon at the end to some and saved some plain for Elie. It came out really yummy IMO, but Yoav didn't like it. He's so picky. He likes the Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce, which is definitely tasty, but I think ours was just as good.

We had avocado for dinner - Elie made a total mess :)

Jer is gone through Thursday (he left early yesterday). Yesterday I walked the kids to sleep (Elie in wrap and Yoav in carrier) - they both fell asleep at 8:15pm and Yoav woke up at 7:20am and Elie maybe 15 minutes later. Today they fell asleep at 8:30pm. I gave Yoav toast with honey as a nighttime snack. He seemed to enjoy it. Usually I don't have time for much after dinner because we've been waiting for Jeremy to come home to eat, but on days that he's not here, I definitely like eating earlier and then having the snack before sleep. Yoav didn't even ask to nurse before we went out for the walk!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Challah Day

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Today was "Challah Day" for us. Yoav made one and I made one. You can see both of our six-braided challahs in the photo :) Yoav made six rolls as I was making mine, so I didn't want to redo them just to make the challah pretty. He did most of the braiding himself - I just told him which line to move where.

He was kind of a pain today, though. He slept only 9 hours, so I assume that's why.

One funny thing he said when I was talking aloud about how I was hoping something would come in the mail today. He said, "You don't have to worry. I'm sure it will come. You ordered it, so it will come. You don't have to worry." And he said it in his sing-songy voice that he uses sometimes. So cute. He has his moments when he seems so mature.

He actually fell asleep at the dinner table! His eyes were closing as he was eating his schnitzels and even put his head down on his arm. Unfortunately, then Jer took him to go pee and he woke up and Jer tried reading him to sleep, but gave up after about 45 minutes and walked him to sleep (which took about 5 minutes).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Craft Project - Felt Ball Block

Today was ok. We went for a haircut for Yoav in the morning. We got a bit off schedule from that and ended up with a late lunch and doing our craft in the afternoon and didn't have time to go out to the playground because I made roasted chicken, which cooks for two hours. I definitely need to be more careful on days when I have to start cooking early to finish lunch early so we can get outside (weather permitting) right after lunch.

The haircut was great. We went to Kidz Cut Zone in Park Slope. Gina cut his hair - she's the owner. I read reviews that she's the best one - it was totally empty, though, because we went in the middle of the day. Homeschooling is great for things like kids hair cuts :)

Then we did our first craft project since starting in earnest with Waldorf. I got the idea from "The Creative Family", which is a beautiful book with lots of great art ideas. It's very much in line with Waldorf and natural living as well. Anyway, so we made a felt bean block. I cut 6 3" wide squares out of yellow 100% wool felt last night. Yoav colored on them with crayons and then I stitched them up with the blanket stitch. You can't really see the crayon in the second photo - it's pretty light, but you can see it ok IRL and it would have been fine in a darker color/s. Then when there were two sides left, Yoav filled it up with red navy beans. This proved to be a big part of the activity because we used beans that we've had for playing with for a long time and they were mixed with small black beans. I told him just to use the red ones since they're bigger and less risk that they could slip through my stitches. So he spent a very long time separating out the red beans and filling up the block. My only suggestion for anyone thinking about doing this would be to stitch up most of the block the night before. You can stitch one block on top, then three below that, then one below and one below that like:
Then if that's all stitched up, you have half as much sewing to do on the day of. I thought about finishing it myself tonight, but I really wanted to finish on the same day he was involved. He also did some of the stitches himself, so it was good for him to see me doing the sewing. I sang the song, "The thread follows the needle..." as I stitched.

For dinner, we had roasted chicken which was delicious as always. Just before I started with the chicken, Yoav asked if I was stressed. I said no because I wasn't stressed, although I was thinking about what I needed to do to get dinner ready, so I must have seemed stressed and maybe even was a little LOL. Anyway, then he said, "Are you anxious or disappointed or fragiled?" So cute - I think fragiled is frazzled :) I said I was happy and he asked, "Why did you pick happy?" I can't remember exactly what we said after that, but I guess it just really didn't jive for him with how I seemed. I definitely get a little stressed with any organization I have to do - like getting out the door and getting meals made. I like that I've been making the same meals every day. It helps me figure out what I can do to make it easier. Like I cut up onions tonight to use tomorrow and before I go to sleep I'm going to take out the mixer for the challah because it's really heavy and I usually have to get it out while either holding Elie or with him wanting to be held...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elie - Tooth #5

Elie got his fifth tooth in - it's his second on the top left. He was biting when nursing yesterday and Amy asked if he was getting a tooth. I should have checked then, because maybe it had already cut through, but I saw it today, so I'm counting today as the day it came through.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update on The Work for Children

I first posted about The Work for Children here. That time, Yoav's tantrum was "resolved" through this process when he decided he wanted to jump to the happier reality. Today, he chose to stay where he was. We were making Minestrone Soup and Yoav got upset when the carrot he was chopping broke. I said, "How would you be without the thought that you want the carrot whole again?" He said, "I would keep cutting it." I said, "And then what would yo do?" He said, "Then I'd put them in the soup." I said, "Do you want to make that your reality?" (Trying to find a phrase that I'm comfortable with for this - still not quite what I want.) He said, "No. I want the sad reality." D'OH! Fair enough, I guess. He probably just needed to cry.

We went to the zoo today with Amy and Abby. They had a great time. It was practically empty and the kids just got to run around (and the babes even got to crawl around).

Another thing I want to add is that on the way home from the zoo, I turned right onto a path from the main road and Yoav said, "Did you see two big rocks?" I said, "Huh????" He said, "There are two big rocks, a trash can and a mound of dirt at the turn." I had made a wrong turn! He and Jer had noted those items last time they came to the zoo so Jer would know how to get back, but I hadn't been careful enough to notice what the end of the path looked like. So glad Yoav remembered! We went back to the main road and walked a little more and found the two big rocks, trash can and mound of dirt :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jer read Yoav to sleep!!!!!!

Today marks a huge milestone for us. I nursed 4 4s on each side two times (so 4 4 4s LOL. A 4 4 is four times for four seconds - it started because Yoav's favorite number is 4 because Isabella is 4 years old and he wanted 4 scootches of his chair and then started wanting four of those, so "4 4s" and once when I didn't want to nurse, I offered a 4 4 and he was happy with it, so we've been doing it a lot). Then, Jeremy read stories to Yoav until he (well, actually both of them!) fell asleep!!! He read a bunch of stories and then they closed their eyes and laid together until they fell asleep. We'll set up our dimmer so Jer can lower the light when they're done reading.

For some history, the night weaning actually started with a counseling session with Naomi Aldort on June 20.

Woops, looking through my old posts, I just found this one that says Jer put Yoav to sleep on Jan 4. But that doesn't really count, since Yoav was so tired during the first month or two after Elie was born since he was waking up during the night with Elie and I think just generally not sleeping well.

So we had the counseling session and Aldort actually recommended nursing completely on demand as much as Yoav wanted for a while because she thought it was likely he was nursing so much as a way of confirming that I love him as much as Elie (who was obviously nursing on demand). So I did it. For the most part. We nursed a lot and I made sure to make lots of eye contact with Yoav, particularly when nursing to "prove" to him that I did enjoy nursing him and was OK with him nursing as much as he wanted.

I found this snippet from an email I wrote to Jamie on Thurs, Jul 21. We started walking the kids to sleep the next day and have done so for every day since then until today:

"the nursing is definitely really hard. i wish i'd weaned before elie was born. i honestly feel resentful sometimes and i never thought i would. we get into this awful thing sometimes when he wants to nurse and i just can't physically bring myself to do it even though the thoughts in my head are, "just let him nurse and the next two hours will be more pleasant. maybe just nurse for a few minutes..." etc. ugh. that happened this morning. i agreed to nurse some on the couch instead of the bed which is ok but yoav really likes to nurse in bed when he wakes up. i have a mental block b/c he tells me he wants to go to sleep but really he just wants to nurse and it bothers me (for some reason!) to nurse him in bed other than to go to sleep.

UGH. tonight jer got him to sleep in the carrier by walking around outside. i think that helps int he morning. the less i have to nurse him, the better it is for the other times.. maybe we can night wean in the way you talked about w just nursing him to sleep by taking walks (which he's ok with)..."

So then we walked him to sleep every day since Jul 22. When Jeremy is home, I carry Elie and he carries Yoav. When Jeremy is traveling, I carry Elie and walk Yoav in the stroller that we borrowed from Jackie (thanks Jackie!!) I've done a double carry a few times to get them to sleep, but depending on how long it takes, my legs can start to really hurt, so I haven't done it in a while.

So that's the story. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully it wasn't just that Yoav was exhausted. We did have a pretty fun day today with stories and painting at home in the morning and three hours at the playground in the afternoon. And, unrelated, Yoav ate 5 eggs tonight with dinner! Jeepers!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plans for the week

Jer took Yoav apple picking about an hour north of NYC today with Dave & Nahama and his parents. So I've managed to really do a lot of cleaning! Things aren't totally organized but they're clean - I swept and mopped, organized the living room and did two loads of laundry. So that means we don't really have to do much cleaning tomorrow. I'll probably skip my "Cleaning Day" and just do daily cleaning as I need to.

Things have been going pretty well with our Waldorf stuff. I don't quite have my rhythms yet, but we're moving in the right direction. This is my third week and it'll be my third week of the same meals. That's helping a lot since it helps my overall planning and it's been easier for me to do a weekly grocery shop. For this week, we have a playdate on Wednesday at the Science Museum in Queens, so we'll modify the weekly schedule. My plan is:

Monday: Painting Day
Tuesday: Soup Day (will be minestrone and I already have beans soaked and simmered from last week!)
Wednesday: Playdate Day
Thursday: Craft Day - we're going to make felt bean bags - Yoav will cut out shapes for me to sew on to squares which I'll then sew together and he'll fill with beans.
Friday: Baking Day (Challah)/Shabbat

Dinner plans are:
Monday: Hummus, Grape Leaves, Israeli salad
Tuesday: Minestrone Soup
Wednesday: Spaghetti with brown rice noodles (p. 357 of NT) - might make it the night before, but it's quick either way
Thursday: Roasted chicken (p. 280 NT), roasted carrots, rice
Friday (Shabbat): Schnitzels, kasha, peas and challah - I have kasha sprouted and baked. I think I'll try making the kasha and peas the night before to help keep the day relaxed.

My story for the week is "Little Madam" - I'll read it now and make sure I like it. Good thing I read it first - turns out it's really similar to "The Old Woman and her Pig" in English Fairy Tales that we've read so many times Yoav can almost tell it himself and was able to repeat the whole last paragraph verbatim and it's a crazy paragraph! Anyway, gotta find a new one.

OK, this is my story for the week - "The Sheep and the Pig" from mainlesson.com.

Circle Time will be as below - I'll do a few at one times and throw the other ones in as makes sense - like the bird one is good for when we're outside, as is the tree one and additional ones are rub-a-dub-dub when the kids take a bath and peas porridge when we make oatmeal and Mary Mary Quite Contrary when we garden.

Finger Games:

Here is a tree with its leaves so green.
(Arms outstretched)
Here are the apples that hang between.
(Clenched fists)
When the wind blows, the apples will fall.
(Drop arms)
Here is a basket to gather them all.
(Fingers interlocking)

I have built a little nest - look inside, look inside,
Hungry birdies with their beaks open wide, open wide,
And the little birdies grow - day by day, day by day,
Till they spread their wings and fly - far away, far away.

Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall
One named Jack
The other named Jill
Fly away Jack
Fly away Jill
Come back Jack
Come back Jill

Clap up and clap down
Clap behind, clap before
Clap up and clap down
As we did before

Five little mice come out to play
Gathering crumbs along the way
Out came pussy cat, sleek and fat
Five little mice came scurrying back.


Whiskey Frisky
Hippety hop
Up he goes
Up to the tree top

Whirly twirly
Round and round
Down he scampers
Down to the ground

Furly, curly
Oh what a tail
Soft as a feather
Can curl like a snail

Where is his supper?
Look in the shell
Snip, snip and crackle
Out the nut fell!

Up I stretch on tippy-toes
Down to touch my heels I go
Up to the sky my arms I send
Down to the earth my knees do bend

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yoav - Negotiation and The Work for Children

So much to write about today!

First, a quick thing - Yoav was making paper airplanes today (his own design - didn't really fly so well, contrary to what he said LOL) - he said, "This one flies really well." I'm always surprised to hear him use the word well properly since so many adults say good in place of well.

Here's a negotiation story from the playground - Yoav was playing with a fire truck and a boy (approx 3yo), came over and tried to grab it from Yoav. First off, Yoav put the truck behind his back so he could discuss the situation with the boy rather than have a grabfest :) Here's the conversation:
Yoav: You can have this one instead.
Boy: Shakes head no.
Yoav: Do you want to play with this? (points to something else)
Boy: Shakes head no
Yoav: You can play with it soon. OK? Soon you can play with it.
Boy: Doesn't know how to respond to that and just keeps standing there.
Yoav: How about if I play with it for a little bit and then you can play with it?
Boy: Shakes head yes.
Yoav plays with the fire truck for about a minute and then brings it to the boy.

Then this is an amazing "The Work" story. This is from Naomi Aldort's book. She has some stuff that is very similar to Byron Katie's The Work that Aldort calls The Work for Parents. In this case, though, it's really The Work for Children. On page 146 of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, Aldort says "You can use one of these four basic questions designed to explore the thoughts that cause anger and other painful emotions:
"What do you think it means?"
"How would it be if you had your way?"
"What's the worst that can happen?"
"How should it be?" "

I didn't pick up on this during any of my previous readings of the book, but I just re-read it after the most recent telecall on Raising Empowered Children / The Work that we had. I've tried the "How would it be..." three times since I re-read the book and understood the full power of the questions. The first time I tried, Yoav just said how he'd feel and each time it seems like he got closer.

Today, he was eating an avocado with a chip and got upset that his chip broke and started crying and screaming and telling me to "put it back together". I sat next to him, made eye contact, held his hands and said to him, "How would you be now without the thought that you want the chip back together?" He thought for a moment and said, "I'd eat a different chip." I said, "What would you do with the broken one?" He said, "I'd offer it to you." I said, "Do you want to go to that world?" He said yes and took another chip and offered me the broken one!

It's a great empowerment tool because he can see that the upset was simply a mind game and that HE could decide if he wanted to believe that he wanted the chip to be whole or not.

I assume this would only "work" if the child wasn't really needed to cry for the sake of crying or if he/she had already experienced the relief needed from a good cry/tantrum.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Elie's Potty Signals

Elie is really getting semi-consistent about verbally signally with a raspberry sign (sticking out his tongue and blowing) when he needs to pee/poop. Sometimes I'll confirm to him, "You need to go potty?" and he'll look up at me and smile excitedly. It's so much fun to be able to communicate with him like this. I'm sort of trying to do signs with him (nurse, pee, more, eat), but I find it really hard with two kids - I don't always have a free hand, much less two! to do signs, but I'm trying.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yoav's Management Skills

Today we ate breakfast at home, which is rare for a Sunday. Usually we go to Applewood nearby, but now that I'm making challahs on Fridays, we've been eating Challah French Toast on Saturday and don't feel the desire to go out to breakfast. Especially me, since I usually get french toast at Applewood.

Anyway, today we were thinking about all going to the Carousel, Prospect Park Zoo, Botanic Garden and B&N to look for a piano book. Jer and I were talking about how it was a lot to do. Then I think I decided to stay home so I could clean while they were gone and I said we could go to B&N tonight. Yoav said, "I have an idea. Me and Aba can go to the Carousel and Zoo and Botanic Garden and you can go to the bookstore." I actually was planning to do that, but now I'm busy with laundry and want to keep cycling through so I can start the week off without much to do.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Yoav made two funny comments I want to write before I forget:

When he first woke up, he said, "I want some tzi-tzis to help me be calm."

Also Jeremy is coming home early today to take Yoav to the zoo and Yoav was telling me about the zoo and said to me, "You must come with us to the zoo! But not today - today you'll go to the Coop." (I got a root beer for myself last time and he tasted it and wants me to get more LOL. I usually go to the Coop on the weekend when Jer takes Yoav to the Zoo or Botanic Garden.)

I made a challah today again (the Beigel recipe from Joan Nathan's "The Foods of Israel Today". It came out about as perfect as I could hope for! I subbed coconut oil for the oil and rapadura for the sugar and baked for 35 mins at 350 (recipe calls for 35-40 mins at 375). I did the six braid again :)

We rented a piano and it came today! We have so little room for it, but I'm glad we're trying it. It's an Aldort recommendation. She recommended a few piano games to play and also suggested something similar to an at-home piano approach whereby Jer and/or I would play/learn to play and the kids will develop an interest by watching and listening to us play. Elie actually seems more interested than Yoav. Elie loves banging on the keys and was completely quiet watching the guy tune the piano for half an hour! Then a few times in the evening, he crawled over and pulled himself up to the bench and wanted to play.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yoav and Elie Playing Together

We didn't have a very Waldorfy day today, but it was a great day, nonetheless. We went to Social Security Admin this morning to try AGAIN to get a SS Card for Elie. We went in April and it never came. Turns out, even though I got a receipt saying it was being processed, it really wasn't and he has no number yet. Hopefully this will be the last time. Jeremy came with us on the bus in the morning to help us get there, so we had a very smooth morning. I was packed with snacks and my documents so we zipped out without breakfast and Yoav ate toast on the bus and then more toast, almond butter & honey sandwich, two plums and some dried fruit at SSA. He had fun there, actually and even wanted to stay after we were done :)

In the afternoon, we went to the playground. We got there at 2PM and school is out at 3PM, so we got a good hour of a nearly empty playground, since the little kids are generally napping at that time and the older ones are at school. Yoav did the curly slide a few times and then spent the rest of the quiet time in the sandbox. After it got crowded, he decided he wanted to go to the swings and asked me to collect his sand toys and he ran over to the swings. I couldn't find one (I knew approx where it was hidden, but just couldn't find it) and he came over to check on me and said that he didn't mind if someone else took the swing he had, that he would wait for another one and helped me find the animal in the sand. It was cute how he talked it through and was fully aware of what he was giving up by helping me (not that he was doing it to help me, I think he just wanted me to come to the swings with him).

Later we (on Yoav's suggestion) went to the baby swings so Elie could swing. It was so much fun. Both kids were next to eachother enjoying the swings. Yoav was laughing and smiling at Elie. It was very sweet. Then a woman with her two kids came next to us and it turned out she had an almost-4yo girl named Isabel. Yoav got excited because it was a girl his age and probably the name helped since he was obsessed with Isabella. When they were getting ready to leave, Yoav said he wanted to leave with them, so we all left at the same time and we sent to Pumpkin's for a few items for dinner. Isabel left her stick outside Pumpkin's and Yoav saw it and brought it home to give her next time we see her.

Yoav and Elie are starting to play *together* a little I think. It's just the very early stages, but I can see a definite change. Yoav does things with the goal of making Elie laugh. A favorite is to drive his little red racecar up the freezer and then dropping it. He did that a few days ago and Elie laughed and now he's been doing it each day to get a return of the laughs. Also today once Yoav was roughhousing a little with Elie and Elie fell and Yoav caught him so Elie's head fell on Yoav's arm and Yoav seemed to kind of sit with it for a moment to take it in. It wasn't that he was proud or pleased, more just aware of exactly what had happened.

Another thing I want to remember is Yoav's vocabulary is getting advanced and cute. Like he asks me if the curly slide is "available" for me to tell him when no one else is on it and he can take a turn. Yesterday he was swinging his wand playsilk near Elie's face and I asked if I should move Elie because I wanted to be sure he was safe and Yoav said he didn't "expect" Elie to get hurt.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Waldorf Day

Today went pretty well.

Our story for the week is "Little Louse and Little Flea" from Spindrift. Today we just read it, I think tomorrow we'll do coloring associated with it. Later in the week I'll memorize it and do a puppet show.

For circle time, we did two songs:
Here is a tree with its leaves so green.
(Arms outstretched)
Here are the apples that hang between.
(Clenched fists)
When the wind blows, the apples will fall.
(Drop arms)
Here is a basket to gather them all.
(Fingers interlocking)


I have built a little nest - look inside, look inside,
Hungry birdies with their beaks open wide, open wide,
And the little birdies grow - day by day, day by day,
Till they spread their wings and fly - far away, far away.

Yoav loved the bird one. I used my hands to do finger movements with it.

I just ordered the book, "Joyful Movement" by Donna Simmons, which will help more with Circle Time.

Also, I transitioned poorly from the playground. I gave notice and said I wanted to get home to cook dinner but leaving took too long and we got home too late to make roasted chicken, which I had wanted to make today so we just had hummus with the other challah we made on Friday that was in the freezer. Yoav ate oatmeal and chard.

While I was cooking, Yoav wanted to help with the chard and I wanted to get it going and he said, "Would you give me some time?" He said it not in a frustrated voice, but as if I actually had time to just give to him :)

Also, the playground was REALLY crowded in the afternoon since all the kids are going straight there after school. So tomorrow I'm going to switch around the walk and playground - we'll go to the playground in the morning and take a walk or play in the park in the afternoon.

Tomorrow for our "craft" we're going to do gardening - we can plant some seeds for fall harvest - spinach, beets, lettuce and radishes.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Plans for next week

I'm starting a Waldorf rhythm/schedule on Monday to coincide with the regular school year. This is my plan for the weekly rhythm:

Monday: Cleaning Day
Tuesday: Craft Day
Wednesday: Soup Day
Thursday: Painting Day
Friday: Baking Day (Challah)/Shabbat

I'm keeping track of things on here but I probably won't be that organized about it. I'm trying to figure out food for now so I know what to get at the coop tomorrow.

To keep things easier for me, I will start with oatmeal (with soaked oats) for breakfast every day. In the next week or two, I want to come up with a plan for a different breakfast each day with different grains each day.

Dinner plans are:
Monday: Hummus, Grape Leaves, Israeli salad with challah
Tuesday: Roasted chicken (p. 280 NT), roasted carrots, rice
Wednesday (Soup Day): Minestrone soup (p. 210 of Nourishing Traditions), which means I need to start soaking the kidney beans on Tuesday morning.
Thursday: Spaghetti with brown rice noodles (p. 357 of NT)
Friday (Shabbat): Schnitzels, kasha, peas and challah - I'll start on Monday making the kasha - I have to soak the untoasted seeds 2-3 times a day and then bake at 150 overnight.

I still need a story for the week, a craft and dinner plan for Thursday...

Friday, September 5, 2008


Today was fun. We were home all day and spent most of the day preparing dinner. We made two beautiful 6-braided(!!!!) challahs and Yoav made a few animals (snail, horse, worm and turtle I think). It was a great activity because we had challah-related work followed by long periods of waiting for it to rise and then bake, so we did some drawing and ate lunch during the in-between periods. It made for a very smooth day.

I also made Kasha using my MIL's recipe:
1 egg
2 cups broth
1 cup kasha
1 onion, sliced in very thin circles
sea salt, to taste
Cut onion in very thin circle strips. Sautee onion on low until it carmelizes. Meanwhile, mix egg and add kasha and mix together. Cook in a pot with no oil to separate the kasha grains. Take out kasha and clean pot. Bring broth and a little sea salt to a boil, add kasha, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Then add onions.

It's a delicious way to eat kasha. Much better than the standard recipe.

We made schnitzels when Jeremy got home. He and Yoav played while I finished cooking and got everything out on the table. Much more relaxing to slowly cook dinner than to try to get it all done when Jer gets home. Plus, now, we have the challah to use for challah french toast for breakfast!! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Back to School Picnic

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time! It's been so hard to do anything much in the evening lately aside from clean up and maybe read a little.

Today was the annual NYC Not-Back-to-School Picnic. This was our first time going. We didn't stay long because we arrived late and Yoav wanted to leave with Abby about an hour or so later. But, it was probably for the best - we got to see all of our friends and eat lunch and relax a bit and still got home in time to have a relaxing dinner.

Yoav seems to be weaning (finally!). This morning, he didn't nurse until around 10am, which is a first. He almost always nurses as soon as he wakes up, or, at the very least, says he wants to. Then, on the subway up, he asked to nurse and only nursed for a second or so, which he's also never done before. We'll see. I'd be glad if he got down to one or two quick nursings a day or even weaned soon.