Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reading - First word

Yoav read his first word today (that I am aware of). He had a sticker from Lucy that said "Doggone Good" and asked me what it said. I told him and, a few minutes later, he came to me and said, "Dog One Good?" He rarely forgets anything and besides, it's too much of a coincidence to think he randomly said "one" instead of "on". I was really shocked!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blood test / Stella

We finally got Yoav's blood taken for allergy analysis. He was really calm about it until the very end (they had to take two vials of blood) when he started saying he didn't want it in anymore.

We saw Stella again at the playground today. I told her mother about Yoav's infatuation. She said Stella had been talking about her new friend but didn't know Yoav's name (or was saying it wrong). How cute!!! Today Yoav just followed Stella around and he didn't want to leave again until she left. The cool thing is that I met Stella's mom and a few of her friends, so now I know a few moms at the playground :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Yoav / sleep

Yoav slept through the night last night!!! I think it was the first time since Elie was born. I think it could have been for two reasons:
1) He and Jeremy went to Queens yesterday to see where Jeremy's grandmother used to live. It was a long day - long trip with multiple subways, walking and then playing on a nearby playground (and then back).
2) I listened to Aldort on my headphones as I was nursing him to sleep, so it was a very peaceful going-to-sleep process. Lately the night nursing has been really irritating me.

We'll see how tonight goes...

Today when we were going down to go outside, I was moving aside the little cars Yoav had initially wanted to bring down and the elevator closed before I could stop it. I yelled to Yoav that I would come down to get him. I pressed for the elevator and two came - one going down and one going up. The one going up had Yoav in it - he said he pressed 4 (our floor)! He was so calm. There was absolutely no fear.

Friday, April 18, 2008


So Yoav has the love bug again! He met a new girl at the playground today. Her name is Stella, she just turned three, she has cute red hair and she is very athletic/acrobatic! She was sitting on the swing next to him and was talking to me. Then, when she got up to leave, she asked Yoav if he wanted to play on the slides with her. He was so excited! He jumped off the swing (literally) and ran after her. They did some sliding/climbing together. The amazing thing to see was that he was showing off for her! He usually wants my help to climb up one of the slides, but today he wanted to do it by himself. He even climbed up some circular bars that he's never been able to do before (mostly because he hasn't tried to do it himself). A little later, she was playing on the train and he got his Skuut and rode out to where I was and asked me where Stella was and then rode around near Stella for her to see him. He didn't want to leave the playground until she left so we were at the playground for about four hours!!! Good thing it was such beautiful weather today.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yoav woke up at 4:30AM today. UGH. It was horrible.

Yoav did really well in music class today. He followed most of the songs and finger movements. I think he's just been watching a lot to learn how to do the finger movements and now knows how to do them. I think he was mostly so focused on watching the teacher that he didn't have time to actually do it himself. After music class, Isabella didn't want to walk home with Yoav :(

Today Yoav was upset because he wanted an apple Smoosher and I only had strawberry. He was crying about it and I was just validating, which wasn't helping him relax and I was starting to get tired of hearing about the issue, so I turned to Playful Parenting and used "The Woman and the Pig" story. The last paragraph starts, "As soon as the cat lapped up the milk, the cat began to kill the rat, the rat began to gnaw the rope, the rope began to...." I said, "As soon as Yoavi wanted an apple smoosher, the strawberry smoosher began to turn into an apple smoosher, Yoavi started to eat the apple smoosher..." Yoav immediately corrected my language to make it match the format of the story. He said, "the strawberry smoosher began to turn into an apple smoosher, the apple smoosher began to..." (he didn't finish the story, just started that part of the sentence for me so I could finish with the correct format LOL)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Just wanted to remember that I saw self-criticism yesterday for the first time (that I can recall). Yoav was repeating the last paragraph of a Fairy Tale called "The Old Woman and her Pig" (he can do the entire last paragraph word for word by memory) and he said a word wrong and when he realized the mistake, he shook his head back and forth and stuck his tongue in and out as people are apt to do when they make a mistake.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yoav's vocabulary

Yoav's vocabulary has really exploded in the past few weeks. Some of the words he now uses are:
definitely, otherwise, actually, except

I'll add more as I hear them. It's funny to hear him use these. Yesterday with Yonatan, Yoav asked Yonatan what he was drawing. Yonatan wouldn't tell Yoav. Yoav said, "When you're done, then you'll know. You'll definitely know when you're done." thinking that Yonatan wasn't telling him because he didn't even know what he was drawing ;)

We were in CT at Jeremy's parents' for the weekend. It was a fun weekend. All the kids (6 total) got along pretty well.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/9/08 - Gnome

4/9/08 - Gnome

I made Yoav a gnome from the book "Feltcraft" by Petra Berger ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Division and Waldorf

Yoav did some division today! We were at the post office and he got six Priority Mail stickers and said there were two for each of us (me, Jer and him). He didn't even use his fingers to count the stickers and he didn;t discuss the calculation, so I don't know how he did it, but he didn't seem to spend any time on it.

We had a great Waldorfy day!
* Up around 6:30AM, Yoav played some with Jeremy
* Jeremy left, we waved good-bye from window
* Breakfast (soaked oats, which Yoav had THREE small bowls of!!!). Yoav was saying he only wanted to eat at the coffee table, which I didn't want to do, since we were eating hot oatmeal and I was holding Elie (and I want to get into the habit of always eating with him at the table). I just said he could eat at the coffee table and I lit the candle and started saying the verse and he scurried over to the table :)
* Walk to post office
* Stories / songs / nursery rhymes
* Lunch - eggs and toast
* Quiet time and stories (including The Three Little Pigs, which will be our new story for the week)
* Modeling wax
* Went outside, played with chalk, then to playground for about 1.5 hours
* Dinner - shnitzels, tiny bit of spinach and an orange
* Bath
* Stories (Old Woman and Her Pig and the Cat and Mouse)
* Sleep at 7PM
YEA!!! No frustrations!! Perfect, fun day!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Math with food

Yoav was eating pear slices tonight for dinner and, at one point, gave me one skin and told me to wait until I got three skins to eat them all together. Then he picked up three slices, immediately said now there would be four, put one back on the serving plate and said now there would be three since I already had one and he had two in his hand. He's getting very good at basic addition/subtraction like this.

He also does some simple math with syllables. Since Isabella has four syllables, he adds "lu"s to names to get them to equal four syllables. For example, he'll check the syllables for Eliza, see that it's three, and add a lu to make Eliza-lu, with the magic four syllables.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My big baby!

We had Elie's 4 month doctor's appointment today. His stats are:

Height: 26 inches, 90th percentile!!!
Weight: 16 lbs, 75th percentile
Head circ: 16.5 inches, 50th percentile

After the doctor's appointment, we went to the library and then to music class. Yoav participated in the class more than ever before today. I even mentioned this to my friend Y (who's daughter is in the class). At home, Jeremy asked if Yoav saw Isabella today and I told him that she wasn't there today because she was at a wedding. That's when I made the connection that Yoav participated more because he was looking at the teacher instead of at Isabella!!!! I'm starting to see why there is sometimes separate boys and girls schools :)

Tonight I got Yoav's bath ready and then came to help him with dinner. After he finished eating, he ran off. After a few minutes, Jeremy and I heard him talking happily to himself. He had gotten into the tub by himself and was playing!! What a change from a few weeks ago. He rarely was even willing to TAKE a bath! Now he's getting in himself! We just started doing baths regularly when I started working on my daily rhythm as part of a more Waldorfy home life.