Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today Yoav was talking about the new baby. He said, "Me and Bagel will have tzi tzis together?" and a few other things that would happen with the new baby. Then he said, "Me doesn't like to walk or hold hands. And Bagel doesn't like to walk or hold hands?" ("Hold hands" just means to walk while holding hands). Then he said, "We have a problem?" He said it in a tone that showed that he knows it is a problem -he was just confirming with me, talking to me about it. The good thing is that he seems to see it objectively - he doesn't seem to harbor any resentment toward the baby or me. It just is what is is and we'll have to deal with it together.

Later, we were waiting for a taxi. Usually, Yoav demands a big taxi (SUV). Initially, he said he wanted a big taxi. Then we were waiting a while and it was clear we didn't want to wait long enough to get a big taxi - it seemed like it would take a while just to get *any* taxi. Yoav was holding a puppet and said, "Puppet likes little taxis." Then, "Yoavi likes big taxis and Puppet likes little taxis. We have a problem?" I said, "Because you each like different types of taxis?" He said yes. Then he said that if we get a big taxi, one person would be happy and one person would be sad. This was his way of dealing with the chance of getting a small taxi (which we did). It made him feel better to empathize w/ Puppet and to feel that at least Puppet would be happy with a small taxi and that we can't all be happy all the time.

Went out to dinner when we got home. Yoav fell asleep in the mei tei. We took a cab over, but walked home (1 Ave and 12 Streets). My left leg was SO sore when we finally got back. I've been having pain in my tush for over a week now and it hurts more when I carry Yoav and put demands on my leg. This morning when I woke up, my leg hurt so much from sleeping on the left side. Tonight I'm going to try sleeping on the other side.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Memory / sympathy

in am, went to david's for bagels. weilai had back pain a few weeks
ago and was in the hospital. she came over to talk to us and yoav
said, "weilai, your back not hurting anymore?" i had totally
forgotten to ask!

this evening yoav ASKED for spinach! i sauteed
some spinach and he ate it all!!! yea. he's been on a spinach strike
for about two months. i'm glad to see that *hopefully* it's back in

jeremy took yoav out for a walk in the mei tei and yoav fell asleep!
it's great to see that we have alternatives to me nursing him to
sleep. jer said he can even do it in the winter - they'll just bundle
up and go out.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


we were running into bed to cuddle and i said, "we're all going to cuddle - mommy & yoavi a& aba!" and yaov said, "and bagel!"  he seems to be ready/open to bringing bagel into the family...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yom Kippur

Today was Yom Kippur.  Jeremy played with Yoav for about an hour when Yoav first woke up and I got to sleep a bit longer.  I'd actually had a poor night's sleep - I was having depressing flashbacks about Yoav's birth.

We got to services at 10:45AM.  Jeremy and Yoav got to do an Aliyah :) Jeremy was holding Yoav and when Yoav saw me (I was in the last row), he said, "Mommy whatchyou doing there?"  He said it a few times, as if expecting me to answer him ;)

There was a Children's Program, which was just jewish toys and books. It was fun, though.  Yoav played with Yonatan and I got to talk to some of the moms.

After services, we went to Dave & Nahama's for a while.  Yoav had lots of fun there with all their toys.  And Yoav plays now some with Yonatan and some with Alex.  Once Alex hurt herself accidentally with a toy and she was crying.  I felt like I should give her a hug but was feeling too tired to get up, so I asked Yoav if he wanted to give her a kiss.  He started moving towards Alex, but then ran over to me instead and rubbed his hand on my breast (to get some milk) and then ran over to Alex and rubbed it on her face (where she'd gotten hurt). It worked as well on Alex as on Yoav - she stopped crying instantly ;)
We went to dinner at Mogador's to break the fast (for Jeremy).  Yoav was talking about how much I love him (I tell him I love him "this much" and open my arms as wide as they go).  He said, "Mommy you love me this much?" and showed me with his hands.  Then I said, "And I love Aba that much too."  And Yoav said, "And you love Bagel this much." and opened his arms all the way. I'm glad to see that he's open to the idea of me loving the new baby.

He fell asleep very quickly in the wrap on the way home.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Understanding feelings / Connecting

we were leaving soon for services and i was helping yoav go potty.  he looked at me and said, "mommy you anxious?"  (i was)

pregnancy wise, i'm having terrible sciatica or maybe pelvic pain - severe pain in my left buttocks.  i could barely walk 6 blocks to services - was limping and occasionally it felt like my leg had no ability to support me at all.  also having really bad heartburn - amy said to try papaya pills.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We had playgroup at my apartment today and E & N came over. At night, I was talking to Yoav about N - how Yoav feels when N hits/scratches him. Yoav said, “He needs to hit?” in NVC language, meaning that his *need* is to hit - which isn’t correct in NVC terms, but it was funny to hear Yoav say it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I really hurt the transition from carrying to walking a few weeks ago and thought I should warn others.  Yoav and I were talking about how we'd manage grocery shopping and such once the baby is born.  Yoav's idea (which is the same every time we have this discussion) is for the baby to go in a stroller and me to carry Yoav.  Once I mentioned that the baby would probably want to be held b/c he'll be nursing a lot.  So now Yoav keeps saying he wants me to hold him (vs walk) b/c he wants to nurse :(