Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jul 27

Got first shipment of Usborne books in AM (I ran an Usborne coop for my NYC Coops group) - sorted them with Yoav - was difficult as everytime he saw trucks, trains, etc., he'd want to read the book.

NAET in afternoon - brought Yoav asleep in wrap - Vitale did a booster for egg + DNA and then treated for Vit C.

Then met Benny at a playground. I had read up last night in my AlwaysUnschooled group about dealing with sharing and a lot of people recommended helping children wait for their turn and also doing trades. So I explained turns to Yoav today and it really helped a lot. Each time a child took a toy that he was playing with (like if he'd turn around for a second), I'd say now it's their turn and they'll just play with it for a few minutes and then we can have another turn (although I said it using better NVC language). He was quite content with this. Once when someone took a toy he was really enjoying, he just sat on my lap and waited until the girl finished!

At night, packed for camping trip.

Did egg test - negative to skin test with scrambled egg (done twice on stomach), don't think we saw any reaction to tiny amount of scrambled egg in his mouth.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jul 25

Yoav wanted to take his big ride-on car out today to the music program I wanted to go to - I couldn't convince him to leave it home, so we stayed home and did laundry.

Then Laura and Jessica came over for about 2 hrs. Was a bit hard - they were fighting some over his push toy duck. Yoav just held it as hard as he could. He doesn't like toys to be taken out of his hand - he doesn't get upset in general when kids play with his toys, he just gets upset if someone tries to take a toy out of his hand - reasonable enough, I'd probably get upset too if someone did that to me.

NAET in afternoon - Yoav wasn't 100% clear for egg + stomach acid so he did a booster and then did egg + DNA. He said he doesn't know how many treatments we'll need for egg because he says it interferes in the process to put various vials in Yoav's hand. Still very happy w/ Vitale vs. Crandall.

No nap today - Yoav started falling asleep at Whole Foods at 5PM - I managed to keep him awake, but then he didn't fall asleep until 9PM. I was SOOO frustrated. He was nearly asleep a few times between 7PM and 9PM but something or other would distract him - where's baba, sound of a truck, phone ringing. UGH. I need to learn how to let go of my expectations of when/how much he should sleep. Since he didn't nap, I *expected* him to be asleep by 8PM and that was the problem - my expectation not the fact that it happened.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Jul 23 - Signing in anger

At night in bed, Yoav angrily signed car when he wanted us to go get him a particular car. He was very tired and frustrated - it was cute to see him signing in anger!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jul 22

We had AP Babywearing Bonanza today. Before the event, I told Yoav we were going and he asked if Nikolas was going to be there. I said yes, then he said "Gabriel?" So cute - maybe it's just that he knows if he sees his friends, we're going somewhere more fun than the grocery store, but it's interesting that he wants to know who we're going to see.

He doesn't want me to wear my wraps out of the house. He gets upset when he seems me put one on and says "off". ugh. If I can get it on in another room, then once we're out, he's fine with going in. Maybe he just wants to be sure he gets to walk on his own first, but I think it's more than that, since I always tell him it's just for backup in case he wants me to hold him for a long time or if he falls asleep.

At night (no nap today), he wanted all of his cars on the bed when we were nursing. At one point, he said "boobite" or something that sounds a little like that - I can't remember the exact sound of the word. I asked where that one was - he said "backpack" - meaning check the backpack since he knows I take a lot of his cars with me when we go out, so often his favorite cars end up in the backpack. I knew there were no cars in the backpack (since I'd already taken them all out to bring to the bed) so I asked him if it was a car or a truck that I should be looking for. He sort of stammered and looked confused - just a look that showed that he just wanted me to find it for him and he didn't know if it was a car or truck but I should know what he wanted. I felt so bad, I just said, "Ok I'll find it." I went out and brought a small black truck, but that wasn't it and then it dawned on me it was what we call his "big car" - his ride-on car. I smiled excitedly and asked if it was his "big car" that he wanted and he got a huge smile and said yes and I brought it and he was happy and fell asleep soon after.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Jul 21

Yoav has been learning lots of signs and is doing ones he knew better. Today was the first time a sign really came in handy. As it turns out, Jeremy and Yoav were eating a banana in the kitchen. I was in the bedroom. Yoav came running in to see me and said "bee" and did his version of the sign for banana (peeling his whole hand rather than his index finger). So I knew either he wanted a banana or he had just eaten one, so I asked Jeremy which it was. He had just eaten one so I was able to talk to Yoav about that. Without the signing, I probably just would have been confused and would have diverted him.

Today was the first day in several that Yoav took an afternoon nap (he didn't nap for the past four days). Today he napped 2.5 hours but then didn't fall asleep until 11PM. It seems like he actually sleeps more total hours when he doesn't nap.

Yoav seems to be talking more and more about recent events and pictures in books, etc.

Today when he was playing with his wagon, he said "Nikolas" - a few days ago we had playgroup and Yoav and Nikolas were playing with the wagon together. So playing with the wagon today sparked his memory. He said "Nikolas" and then "Gabriel" - Gabriel also came to playgroup.

We were reading his bunny book ("Seven Little Rabbits" by John Becker) we have and one of the bunnies has an umbrella. Yoav did the sign for umbrella and then said "rain" and did the sign for rain.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jul 20 - Truck

Today Yoav woke up and was able to say "truck" perfectly. In the past, he has said "duck" for "truck".

Went to new NAET practitioner - he said Yoav is not 100% cleared for egg yet - so he did egg + stomach acid. He seems MUCH better than Dr. Crandall. He seems to really understand NAET vs. Crandall who seems to be more just a practitioner. We will try Dr. Vitale for a few sessions to see if he's able to help at all.

Jul 19 - Gas

Just a cute new thing:
When Yoav gases now, he says "gas" :)

We had playgroup at my apartment today. Yoav and Nikolas (2mos older) were playing a lot together. Gabriel (1 mos younger) also came. A few "sharing" issue with Nikolas:
1. Nikolas once took a car away from Yoav that I guess Yoav really wanted to play with because he started crying and crying. We were able to get it back by giving Nikolas something else - he didn't seem to care.
2. Yoav once took a car from Nikolas and then gave Nikolas the car that Yoav had as an exchange. Nikolas was ok with this.
3. Nikolas was playing on Yoav's wagon and Yoav was also trying to play on it - Yoav was sort of trying to sit on Nikolas, so I said Nikolas probably doesn't like that, could Yoav wait until Nikolas is done playing with the wagon and then he can sit on it? Yoav was SO cute about this - he stood perfectly still about 1/2 foot from the wagon just watching Nikolas and waiting - the second Nikolas got off, Yoav jumped on. Luckily it worked out that he didn't have to wait long, because I think it showed him that this is sometimes a good solution to sharing issues.

Tried to get some video of Yoav's signing for Grandma, with minor success - he did the sign for crane while reading his Truck book. I tried to get him to do the truck sign by pretending I thought he was saying "duck" instead of "truck", but I realized later when watching the video that he would have had to put the book down to use both hands for the sign and probably thought the book would fall.

Signing on Potty

Monday, July 17, 2006

July 18

Was 98 degrees today so we were indoor all day. Had a fun day - reading, playing with his cars, making and playing with playdough.

Here is a posting I wrote on my API Yahoo group about hitting/biting:

I didn't see your orig post but just read it along w/ Art's response.

Thanks Art for the detailed post - I'm sure it's helpful for all of us!

Re: the hiting/biting, I've had somewhat of an epiphany over the past few days due to two things:

First was a Daily Groove called "The Benefit of a Doubt" (I'll just put it at the bottom of my post so it's not in the way).

Next was a "game" that DS (20 mos) has started to "play". He bites me (it really doesn't hurt me, but it does leave a mark) and then sees the bite mark, says "Uh, oh - boo boo" and then kisses it. This is obviously just replaying his own injuries and my response (I actually try not to kiss his boo boos b/c it just seems silly to me, but I have before, and he probably likes it since he's copying it.) Anyway, the next step of the game happened today when he bit his own arm to make a bite mark. First he bit his arm, looked at it, didn't see a mark and then bit himself two more times, a little harder each time, until on the third time, he could see a bite mark and then he said "Uh, oh - boo boo" and wanted a kiss from me! It was SOOO CUTE!!! He didn't bite himself very hard, so I know he still doesn't understand what it means when I say it hurts when he bites me, but I'm sure he'll learn soon enough.

Yoav sometimes bites me or pulls my hair when he is frustrated (I think Kohn says that the avg child is told "no" every 5 mins or something crazy and that even in the best situation, there's still a lot of things a child wants to do but doesn't get to or can't"). For instance, today he pulled my hair when I was on the phone too long. So, in this case, the reason for the hair pulling was obvious and I just held the hair a few inches from my head so the pulling didn't hurt. If he had the words, I think he would have told me that he wanted me to get off the phone. So I "listened" to the hair pulling, got off the phone and he stopped...

Knowing that he really doesn't *understand* that he's hurting me makes it that much harder to get upset or frustrated when it happens.


THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: The Benefit of a Doubt ::

Have you ever been upset with someone for doing or
saying something, only to realize later that you had
misunderstood them, and you wished you'd given them
"the benefit of a doubt"?

Truth is, everyone deserves that benefit, because ALL
upsets are misunderstandings born of conditionality.

And no one deserves that benefit more than children.
The younger they are, the more their words and actions
are merely "experimental," or rough approximations of
things they've observed. They're trying to figure out
how life works.

When you give them the benefit of a doubt (for
example, by not taking it personally when they
experiment with unkind words they've heard others
use), children learn that their relationship with you
is a safe place in which to grow.

And you benefit yourself, too, because you're doubting
your "reason" for being upset. With no such reason,
you're left with the simple pleasures of inner peace,
heart-felt connection, and appreciation of Life's
endless unfolding.

:: ::

Jul 17 - Playdough

We made playdough using the recipe we got from the Unschooling Conference. We had a lot of fun making it and some fun playing with it afterwards, although the making was definitely the most fun for Yoav!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 15

A thought:

I feel like I'm learning a language as Yoav is. Some of his words are spoken perfectly, some are very close to the English word and some are quite different. Examples:

hat = hat

ish = fish
deep = sleep

doopdop = Kombucha
babook = buckle

Today he was talking about things he was seeing and he said "kookoo". I recognized the word as one he's said before, but couldn't remember it's meaning. I realize that I learn the meaning of his words at times when the meaning is obvious (like if he says "babook" as he buckles his Stokke seat) so I can then understand later when it may be less obvious.

This is one of the reasons I think that right now in his development, it's so great that I can be with him all the time. I understand him much better than I otherwise would, which results in fewer frustrations.

Activities / thoughts from today:

Went to toy store in morning to get present for Jessica's 2yr bday. Yoav kept picking out toys and would give them to me and say "back" meaning he wanted me to put them back so he could pick something else. At the end, he was holding a small $2 car and when I asked if I should put it back, he said "no" and then he said "go" and did the sign for go and his eyes averted from mine in a way that showed that he didn't want to discuss this, so I bought the car. This is the third time I've bought a toy for him that he wanted to keep from a toystore. My preference is not to do this, because I don't want him to expect to always be able to buy something whereever we go. I think as long as it seems like things he really wants (ie, a small car, which he already played with today for a while and held all the way home from Benny's) it should be ok. As long as I don't agree to buy something stupid that he wants just for the sake of buying something (which actually has not happened yet).

Visited Benny in evening
Yoav enjoyed visiting Benny - played ball a little and then stood on a chair and looked at the fish.
Afterwards, on our way to the Subway, Yoav saw a playground and wanted to stop. We were there for 30 mins when Benny called to say he was out of his apartment heading for the subway, so benny stopped by. Yoav was busy playing w/ scooters and a toy car and train. We told him we could walk with Benny to the Subway if he was ready to leave the toys. He wasn't ready. Benny left. About five minutes later, Yoav stopped playing, said good-bye to the toys and we walked out. Then he started running (while holding my hand) and yelling "Be-y, Be-y" (Benny). Poor thing thought we could catch up to Benny :)

When we got home, as I opened the door, Yoav suddenly got the idea that Jeremy was home (he's been traveling since Thursday) and ran into the apartment yelling "Baba!"

Funny thing of the day:
I got frustrated at something (I forget exactly why I did it) and said "Oy" and banged my forehead with the palm of my hand. Yoav thought it was so funny and started doing it himself. SOOO CUTE!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jul 11

Lots of new things.

We got a few signing books from Grandma Carol and have been doing a lot of signs. I've learned a lot and Yoav has learned quite a few, including:

He's up from nap.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

July 9 - MET

Went to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) today with Jeremy. Yoav did pretty well. We walked around and saw a fair amount. Yoav liked the Egyptian pyramid the best - no, not true - he liked the sculptures of women with tzi tzis best :)

Wore my new Gypsy Mama wrap. It's very thin (gauze) which is great for the summer, but it's definitely not as comfortable as the Didy.


Lost one of Yoav's sandals there so I think I'll order a new pair :( - I really love them - they're the See Kai Run Danny sandals.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Jul 8 - Natural History Museum

Went to Museum of Natural History today with Jeremy. Wore Yoav in my new Didy ( wrap today. It's so comfortable!!! The only problem is that it gets hot in the summer.


Favorite area of the museum is the big stuffed mammals. Yoav doesn't really have a favorite - he likes elephants, giraffes, and there's a baby zebra nursing there, so that's fun to look at.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Jul 7 - Children's Museum

Went to Children's Museum today with R and N. Yoav loved driving the big bus:


I think the museum is OK, but not worth the price. It's pretty crowded and most of the activities really are no more interesting than the playground. Plus it's very commercial - the first level is all about Clifford the Dog now, another level is all related to Dora.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Jul 6

Here's some video of Yoav playing peekaboo with his sunglasses - we just go them (BabyBanz) and he loves them! They are even helping me get out the door because he gets so distracted with the sunglasses that he forgets to think about bringing any of his toys.

7/6/06 - Peekaboo with Sunglasses

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Jul 2

Took train up to Jer's parents' house.

This is the second time I'm aware of that Yoav described an event from the recent past - on the Subway to Penn Station, Jeremy got off at a different stop than us (he got off first) so he could stop by the office. He took the backpack with him. A little while after he got off, Yoav said, "Baba bye bye. bapa" (bapa is how Yoav pronounces backpack - same ba and pa sounds as from word backpack). He was saying that Jeremy (Baba) left (bye bye) and that he took the backback (bapa) with him.


Saturday, July 1, 2006

Jun 30, 2006 - Translation

We went to the zoo today with friends.

In the evening, I was taking a shower and Yoav and Jeremy were playing in the playroomI heard Yoav saying "Kangoo, Kangoo". Then after saying it a few more times, he ran into the bathroom, looked at me and said "Kangoo, Kangoo" with a look that showed that he needed help. I yelled to Jeremy, "Are you reading the Nature book?" He said, "Yes". I said, "Yoav wants to see the page with the Kangaroos." When Yoav heard that he ran back to the playroom :)