Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jun 28

Stopped to look at some dogs at a fire station in afternoon. Later in the evening, Yoav said "Doggies. Truck." meaning that he saw doggies at place with the fire truck. First time I've heard him discuss a specific incidence from earlier in the day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jun 25

Yoav fell asleep today by nursing a lot and then coming off the breast and sort of humming a little until he fell asleep. I think it was the first time at night not in the sling that he's fallen asleep without his mouth on the breast.

Friday, June 23, 2006

June 22, 2006

Yoav now knows the word "plunge" (as in the toilet plunger) and LOVES the plunger. UGH. He's only used it maybe three times in his life but today after he poured his pee from his little potty into the big one, he said plunge and started banging on the linen closet when I told him we didn't need to plunge. UGH :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jun 20, 2006 - Period

Got period back today in AM - very light - YEA!! We probably won't start trying to get pregnant for a few more months but it's nice to know we now have the option. A lot of the reading I've done seems to all point to about three years as the optimal spacing - by this age, older child is either weaned or is less attached to breast and can play fairly independently, walk well outside and also mom is physically able to handle another child.)

In AM, NAET appointment - treated for histamines. We can do a test tomorrow after the 24 hours.

Afternoon was AP meeting. Walked back with Laura and Jessica, then to their apartment to play a bit. Outside before we went it, Yoav ate a banana the peel to the closest trash can, threw the peel away and came back. SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jer home at 7PM and met us and took Yoav on the bicycle. Yoav almost fell asleep so we came in. Fell asleep at 9:30PM.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jun 18, 2006

Had a great day today - very relaxed and enjoyable.

Bagels for breakfast.

Then we came home. Went out for a bike ride at about 12:30. Had a great time! We all went. We rode up the East side bike path to 42nd Street and back. Towards the end, Jeremy said Yoav looked sleepy and then a few minutes later, he fell asleep!!! We walked the bikes home so Jeremy could prop up Yoav's head. I wasn't able to make the transfer when we got home for him to keep sleeping - so he only napped for 30 mins but seemed fine with that. Posted by Picasa

Then home, went to get groceries for dinner (Jeremy made Moussaka from our Nourishing Traditions cookbook). I cleaned out the front closet with a bit of help from Yoav.

Spent some time sweeping the house with his helmet on :)


At about 7PM, I took a shower and then Yoav got in the tub for a bath with me. He actually sat down and was having fun - soaping himself up, splishing and splashing, playing with the cups and his boat. Toward the end of the rather long bath, he wanted to nurse in the tub which we did a bit. Then Jeremy helped us get out and dried off.

We read books for a while on the rocking chair and then Yoav started nursing, so I turned out the light and he was asleep by 8:30!

The moussaka was great and then we watched TV and read and went to sleep,

Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 17, 2006 - Baby seat on bicycle

We walked to the west side to a store to pick up a baby seat for the bike ( Twice as we were crossing the sidewalk, Yoav held out his hand with the stop sign to tell the cars to stop and he said "stop!" Just like a little traffic cop ;) One of the times, a cab driver called out his window at him, "OK - I'll stop."

So in the afternoon, Jeremy took Yoav out on the bike. Yoav loved it! He thought his helmet was so neat - he calls it a "hat". The seat is really nice because it's in front (rather than in back like most baby seats). So Yoav got to look at everything. He looked so cute on the bike - like such a big boy! It's great that he enjoyed it - it'll be a good activity for Jeremy and Yoav to do together.

Yoav on bicycle - pointing out his "hat"! Posted by Picasa

Jun 16, 2006

Today when Yoav woke up, his first words were:

He wanted to see cars outside and was thinking about what he would need to go out I think. It was quite cute!

We had NAET today - cured for nuts 1 - Tuesday is histamines and then we can test again.

Then to Whole Foods which was difficult - he was in the cart for about 5 minutes and walked himself the rest of the time. He picks things off the shelves and carries them a bit and then I try to get the item back where it came from when he moves onto something else. Lately he likes to pick things and put them in the cart and then I just put them back.

Then we came home and played a bit. He put his head on his little table at around 2:30PM and was asleep at 3PM. There was a knitting playgroup in Stuyvesant that I went to at 3:30PM so I could pick up my new Didymos wrap. We were out playing until about 6:30. We had a great time. Only bad part was that one mom got some apple juice for her son and Yoav really wanted some when he saw other kids drinking from them - I gave him a box without the straw but then he started trying to get the box open so I broke down and gave him a straw and let him have some. It was his first apple juice :(

Then we came home, played a little, had a bath, and Yoav went to sleep at 9:30PM. I made tacos, salad and corn muffins, we watched some TV and then read for an hour or so.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jun 14, 2006

Today Yoav woke up at about 8:30AM (but he was a bit fussy for the hour or two prior, I think because he had to pee).

We met Laura and Jessica for bagels. Yoav was upset b/c Jessica had orange juice (which he's only had a few sips of before) and he wanted to have some - he didn't eat any bagel at all but I did let him have some sips of her juice.

Then we met two more moms/kids from our playgroup up in Central Park for our playgroup. Katie (Mary's daughter) wanted to walk, so we walked around for about an hour and talked. It was somewhat relaxing, although Katie was running and Jessica was walking slowly (Yoav was carried most of the time), so it didn't work very well.

Then we went to Whole Foods to get food for a meat stock. Yoav was quite tired by now (after 2pm) and was easily upset - he kept telling me to open a free sample of laundry detergent that we got. When I wouldn't (told him it could spill and get all over us), he got upset and squeezed my face as hard as he could. :(

On the bus home, he fell asleep nursing (3:15PM). I managed to carry him to the front of our building, get him into the carrier and upstairs. Then I just laid him on the floor in his room so I could work on the stock.

We talked a bit about unschooling in terms of sleep at the playgroup. Mary has coincidentally been doing it since last week as well. She thinks that with Katie it might not work. Katie gets very fussy/cranky when she's tired. I guess really Yoav does also, which is why he was scratching me at the grocery store. He gets more frustrated when he's tired. But the nice thing for us is that when he was ready to sleep (in the bus), he just nursed and fell right asleep. I had no pressure to try to get him to sleep and didn't waste an hour working on it. Since I was able to get him into the carrier when he was asleep, I can just wear the carrier, wait for him to fall asleep and THEN put him in, rather than feeling like I need to get him in the carrier in order to put him to sleep!! Or at home if he falls asleep, I can easily lay him dow in his room. Once he's fully asleep, I usually have no problem repositioning him.

I'm off to pick up our first week's food from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) - today we get lettuce, kale, collards, spinach, basil, turnips, radishes and peas! I also got a half share of fruit, so I'm not sure if I get the fruit this time or next week.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jun 13, 2006

Haven't blogged in a long time - I have a few old things and some new.

Old/random items:
* Recently have been amazed by what Yoav knows - about three weeks ago, he picked out our apartment key from Jeremy's keyring, which has about 20 keys on it.
* About a week ago I calmly asked him to press our button to go up to our apartment because I was holding things in both hands an he pressed the 4 button.

Today Yoav was "reading" his books - was looking through them one at a time, getting excited by random pictures or things that he recognized. When he came upon the "Left Foot, Right Foot" book by Dr. Seuss, he found the page that says "Slow feet. Quick feet." and sat down with the book open to that page and put his hand on his foot to move his foot. Whenever I read this book to him, on this page, I stop and move his feet - first slowly as I read "slow feet" and then quickly as I read "quick feet". It's been a few weeks since we've read that book (we got a bunch of really nice new ones at the Unschooling Conference - Usborne Beginners) and he still recognized the page from the picture!

Main thing to write about is my unschooling sleep. I just read "The Unprocessed Child: Living Without School" by Valerie Fitzereiter. There is a chapter on Sleep and that along with Sandra Dodd's unschooling book "Moving a Puddle" that I read recently, I decided to let go of the idea of a schedule and trust Yoav to tell me when he needs to sleep.

It's been going great - not that he naps from 1-3 and then sleeps 8-7 as I would love, but there's been no protests on his end, no stress or disappointment on my end. Today he napped at 1:30PM - we were in his room playing and he came over to nurse a few times for a few seconds each and then finally was tired enough to sleep, came over, sat in my lap and nursed and nursed. I rolled him to the floor and laid down next to him as he nursed to sleep.

At night, I gave Yoav a sink bath at about 7:30PM. Then Jeremy wanted to go for a bike ride. Yoav saw Jer pull out the bike and got excited and wanted to go too. He puts his hand on the bike as Jer moves it to help move it :) It's quite cute. As usual, Yoav was naked waist down so I grabbed a diaper and shoes and in the hallway told him that if he wanted to go outside with Aba he needed to wear shoes and diaper. He happily obliged so now I know one way to get his diaper on easily!! Once outside, Yoav ran after Aba on the bike a bit and then when Jer rode away, we watched a game of pick-up street hockey and then walked around a bit looking at cars. We came back inside at 9PM. Jer was home by then. We went in Yoav's room and played a bit. I took off my shirt so he would think about nursing. He did nurse a few times as we played. Then when he seemed more tired and was closing his eyes, I held him and walked back and forth a bit with the lights out (Jeremy was in the room and turned the light out when Yoav seemed tired). After a while, Yoav indicated that he wanted to get down - I thought he was going to get down to play, but he got down and pulled Jeremy down to the floor where his blanket is and laid down next to Jer and reached for me to come down too. So I just laid next to him and nursed - Jer quietly slipped out after a few minutes when Yoav's eyes were closed and he was nearly asleep - he was asleep within 10 minutes of saying he wanted to lie down (fell asleep at 9:45PM).

So he did go to sleep later than usual, but it was with no fuss or stress. I'll post tomorrow with his wake-up time.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Jun 1 - Visiting Grandparents in VA

Spent some time in DC at grandparents house. Here's some video of Yoav "reading" a book and then following Uncle Jesse around:

Went to a nearby farm - it was lots of fun - we did a hay ride, saw a lot of animals (ducks, pigs, sheep, horses, cows):

Pic of Grandma, me and Yoav: