Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mar 16, 2006 - Visiting Cindy

Today we flew down to visit Aunt Cindy and Cousin Jana.

Yoav woke up at 6:30AM. Jeremy did some work and packed - Yoav and I packed and cleaned up.

Then Benny came over and we all went out for bagels.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mar 15 - Squirrel and other developments

Lots of developments happening rapidly.

This morning, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Yoav walked in. I looked for his toothbrush in the cabinet but didn't see it (Yoav frequently walks away with his toothbrush after he brushes). I said, "Mommy doesn't see Yoavi's toothbrush. Can you go get it?" Not expecting anything, as I personally had no idea where the toothbrush was, I went back to brushing and when Yoav walked away I thought he was just checking in on daddy. It was so cute to see him a minute or so later walk back to the bathroom with toothbrush in hand!!!

Then in the bedroom as I was getting ready, I asked him to get my my cell phone, which had slid under the bed. Yoav carefully slid under, got the phone and slid back out - so not only did he understand my question, but he also understands the issue of bumping a head on a table/bed - I see a lot of kids stand up under tables/playground structures and bump their heads.

Next we went for bagels. Nothing new here - we sat near the window and Yoav watched people come and go. A few people waved to him from outside.

Then, off we headed via subway to playgroup. We all had fun. N. either pushed Yoav or tried to hug him and caused him to fall. Yoav always seems confused by such things, but not really upset. I explained to him that N. didn't realize that Yoav would fall because Yoav is smaller than N.

After playgroup, I walked with E. and R. up to Union Square. R. has an appointment with the NAET doctor (to get rid of allergies using acupuncture/pressure) on Saturday. We talked about that as well as all things organic and unschooling. We talked a bit about how to manage TV watching. None of us let our children watch TV yet, but we mostly believe that we wouldn't say no if a child wanted to watch - we'll just try to keep it to a minimum while the choice is ours and hope that the children will not want to watch TV as they get older. E. and I went to Whole Foods and R. continued on. I got a few things for lunch and to bring to Cindy's (we're going to Aunt Cindy's tomorrow!)

We went home and made lunch - ground beef with tomatoes, garlic, onion, kale, carrots, peas with Quinoa noodles. Yoav ate a little of everything and then we had an orange for dessert.

Then we went to the post office and to pick up dry cleaning. On the way back, we stopped to watch a squirrel. Yoav can say squirrel better now. He says "Sqwool". It's SO cute!!! When we started walking away, he said "Bye, bye, sqwool."

For snack we had an avocado - I cut it into slices like an apple and Yoav ate about 3/4 of the avocado. YEA! This is the first time he's really like avocado. He liked it so much that once he was complaining/crying and I didn't know what he wanted and I said, "Do you want some avocado?" and he stopped crying immediately. Each time he finished a piece, he went back into the kitchen and pointed to the avocado and said something that sounds a bit like avocado, but I can't quite remember what it was.

Then cleaned up, did laundry and Yoav fell asleep in the sling a little before 9PM. He was pretty tired, because he only napped for about 45 minutes on the walk from playgroup to Whole Foods.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mar 12, 2006 - Pooh Bear

This morning, Yoav said "Pooh Bear". The pooh bear stuffed animal was nthe bed and I pointed to it and said Pooh Bear and then Yoav said the same very clearly.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mar 11, 2006

This morning we went for bagels, as almost always :) We walked over. It took a fair amount of time, since Yoav started to walk down 14th St instead of south on 1st Ave and I couldn't convince him to turn around! Finally I had to just pick him up.

At the bagel place (David's), Yoav sat on a chair again. He was a little squirmy though, and at one point wanted to get on the table so then I put him on my lap.

Then we went to Babies R Us to get a waterproof blanket to put on our bed to help with toilet training. I'm going to try using a cloth diaper overnight. The problem with cloth overnight is that Yoav stays dry all night but needs to pee in the first 5-10 mins of being awake - I'm not always awake enough to get out of bed to do this with him.

Then we went to Williams Sonoma and Crate & Barrel to get some cooking supplies (second wood cutting board, more acrylic cups, hand blender, second ladle).

In the afternoon we went to the playground. On our way out of the building, as we went down the stairs, Yoav said 'down'! I often say 'down' as we step down the stairs on the other side of the building when we are coming home, but this time, I hadn't said it yet - he said it by himself!

It was a bit cold out (Yoav started to get a few hives on his hands and ears) so we didn't stay long. Yoav was playing with a ball he found. He dribbled it a bit and then when he realized other kids might take it if it got too far away from him, he mostly just held it. At one point another child took it and Yoav cried and cried until the mother helped get it back to Yoav. Not sure how to handle this. He gets very upset and I can't console him. I'll have to start bringing our own ball to the playground. Maybe that'll help a little, but doesn't really get to the issue.

Then we went to Whole Foods to get stuff for dinner (bean soup).

Once it was made, Yoav ate a little and made a huge mess.

He was really tired (rubbing eyes, etc) so I tried putting him to sleep in our bed, which worked. It took about 30 minutes of reading, tickling, flopping around. He finally nursed a little (me upright, rocking him - he didn't want me to lie down) and flopped over and fell sound asleep at 9PM.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Mar 10, 2006

We went to the bagel place today. Yoav sat in his own chair for the first time ever. We pushed the chair against two walls (table was in the corner of the restaurant). He sat on his knees and ate his bagel. It was great for me because I could relax and eat/drink my coffee.

Then we went to the playground to play with Laura and Jessica and then went to their house for a bit. Jessica had some blueberries which Yoav LOVED!

Yoav said squirrel today when we were watching the squirrels outside our apartment. He pronounces it sort of like 'girl'.

Laura suggested we try putting Yoav on the window sill to look outside while I get him dressed. We tried it tonight and it worked to get his diaper on. Usually he kicks and fights the whole way through if I even bother.

I decided on "tzi tzi" for my word for nursing, which is the Hebrew word - R. suggested this!

March 9, 2006

Today was pretty rough - Yoav is really starting to fight getting dressed, getting into sling, etc. It usually takes me about an hour to get him dressed. He HATES for me to put a diaper on. He kicks his legs so it's almost impossible for me to do it by myself. The best way is if Jeremy holds him vertically and I slide the diaper on, but of course this only works when Jeremy is home - he's traveling until Sunday.

Since Jeremy is away, I cleared out the living room a bit - moved the coffee table against the wall and put the carpet in the closet and washed the floor. I let Yoav go diaperless most of the day. I was able to catch most of his pees in the potty but he peed on the floor a few times. Sometimes when he's playing he gets upset with me for taking him into the bathroom or even bringing the potty to him even when he definitely has to pee. He'll cry about me bugging him about the pottying and then pee on the floor after I stop :( Pooping is hard for him too. He's just started to like to poop in a quiet place. He likes to go behind a table or the couch to poop rather than go on the potty (me holding him). :( I know he doesn't like to pee in the diaper, though, because we'll go out for several hours and he won't pee until we get home. Hopefully it'll get better when he becomes more verbal.

Night was tough - I started with the bath at 7:30 and he didn't fall asleep until 10:30. He has been refusing to get in the sling to go to sleep. He just plays and plays until he finally collapses. When Jeremy is home, we play a game of chase - Jeremy chases him and Yoav comes running to me and likes me to hold him up and pretend to run away from Jeremy. I can usually get the carrier tied while we play the game, but today, of course, it was just me.

One development of note - Yoav has a shape sorter - spaces for 5 circle pegs, 5 triangle pegs, 5 rectangle pegs, 5 square pegs. Usually he just works on getting one peg into an appropriate spot one at a time. Today he took one circle peg and moved it from one circle hole to the next - realizing that it fit into all the spots.

Yoav is saying again pretty well - he says "aden". I think this is currently the hardest word he says. He says it a lot when I do something funny - he thinks I'm quite the comedian :)

Also trying to change the word we use for nursing. I always just ask if he wants to nurse, but now he's starting to say "nurse". I'd rather have a word that's less obvious when he's older. Was thinking about switching to "num", which is what Jesse used.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Mar 8, 2006

Playgroup today - just two other moms and kids. We had fun. The kids seemed to just play on their own while we were able to relax and talk.

Mar 7, 2006 - New tooth

Yoav cut another tooth today - second bottom right.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Mar 6 - Bagel place

This morning we went to the library (Yoav walked there on his own). When we passed by the bagel place that we usually go to, Yoav walked to the door and banged on the door to go in. I didn't make any mention of it - he just knew where it was! I couldn't believe it!!! I told him we had to go to the library, which he didn't like one bit. He started crying to go in. We went in and said hi to the manager who we always talk to (Wee-lie - she has a grandson a few days younger than Yoav). Still Yoav was unhappy - I told him we'd go for a bagel after the library.

I really couldn't believe that he recognized the bagel place!!!

We say Alyssia and Carmen at the library. Yoav didn't really enjoy it today - we left halfway and just played in the main area of the library.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Mar 2, 2006

We just went out for bagels. We sat at a table next to an elderly man who we've seen before there. He was making funny faces for Yoav and Yoav was smiling at him. The man said that Yoav is very cute. Yoav offered the man some of his bagel, and the man commented on how sweet and gentle Yoav is.

When we got home, I took Yoav out of the carrier at the front door of the building and let him walk to the elevator and to our apartment. When the elevator opened to the 4th floor, we both stepped out, but I held back by the elevator to see what Yoav would do. He walked right over to our door! Seems amazing to me that he knows which apartment is ours, as he's only walked to it a handful of times so far.

In the afternoon we went to an AP meeting about post partum fertility. R. said that she and her husband are going to the NE Unschooling conference in May - I checked with Jeremy this evening and he said we could go too :)

In the evening, we went to a Holistic Mom's Network meeting - two homeopaths gave a talk about homeopathy. It was pretty good. I saw Dannah there, a mom with a two year old daughter who I met in Dec at an AP meeting. She was really nice and said Yoav looks just like me now :) She also recommended I look into NAET regarding allergies.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Mar 1, 2006 - New tooth

Yoav's bottom second right tooth cut through today.