Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feb 23, 2006 - Allergic Reaction to Flounder

This evening we made baked wild Flounder for dinner. We baked it for 6 minutes at 350 with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Yoav ate a few nibbles with his fork - him eating himself, not me feeding him, so he didn't get more than a teaspoon worth into his mouth when he sneezed. Then I noticed he looked a little red around his mouth. I asked Jeremy if he could see anything -he couldn't but I took Yoav to the bathroom to wash off his hands and face to get the fish off of him in case he was having a reaction. Sure enough, within a minute or two, his mouth became redder and his face began to look a little puffy.

Jeremy called his brother David, who is a radiologist. David said we should give him antihistimine and an Epi-pen (in case he had trouble breathing). We didn't have an Epi-pen (prescription only and my pediatrician had not thought he needed this) so we decided to just run over the the ER which is right across the street.

When we got there, I filled out the paperwork while Jeremy took Yoav in to see a doctor right away. The doctor checked Yoav's breathing, which was completely normal. So this means it was not an anaphylactic attack. The doctor gave Yoav Benadryl (an antihistimine) to reduce the swelling. He told us to wait in the waiting room for a while so he could monitor Yoav (make sure the swelling and hives started to go away). Yoav didn't seem uncomfortable at all. He was playing with a three-year-old boy in the waiting room - pushing chairs around, playing chase, laughing. It was quite cute.

After about an hour, we were released. The doctor said to give Yoav a tsp Benadryl every 6 hours for 24 hours, which I didn't do because the swelling was down significantly within an hour or two and Yoav didn't seem to be in any pain at all.

The attending doctor said that Yoav doesn't need an Epi-pen because this wasn't an anaphylactic reaction and for some reason she thought that since this one wasn't, he wasn't at risk in the future.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Feb 27, 2006 -- Pediatric Allergist Appointment

Today we went to the pediatric allergist. His name is Dr. Grubman at 222 West 14th Street - we were referred to him by our pediatrician, Dr. Hops.

Dr. Grubman asked about Yoav's medical and allergy history. I told him about the following reactions:
9 mos - Cheese - Redness in the eyes, sneezing, hives
9 mos - Yogurt - Hives all over face
12 mos - Egg whites - hives on face
12 mos - Hummous - hives on face
15.5 mos - Flounder - hives on face and mouth, swelling in cheeks, swollen left eye

Dr. Grubman said the hummous reaction was most likely due to sesame. He said the egg allergy is very common in babies and might have gone away by now. He decided to do a "scratch" test on a few foods to see for sure if Yoav has allergies. He tested for eggs, cow's milk, sesame and flounder. He put a little prick of each on Yoav's back along with a control prick and a control positive prick. I held Yoav while the doctor did this - Yoav didn't even flinch, so I do not think it hurt at all. Yoav immediately started scratching his neck and small welts started to form at each of the prick points. When the doctor got back, he was surprised to see how big the welts were. He said Yoav is definitely allergic to each of these foods. He said Yoav should avoid eggs (whites and yolk to be safe), dairy, all tree nuts (sesame is a tree nut), peanuts, and all fish. He also said I should avoid all of these foods because Yoav is getting small doses of the allergens in the breastmilk and his body needs to heal itself. The doctor said that it's very likely that Yoav will outgrow the dairy allergy by age 3, there's a 50/50 chance of him outgrowing the fish allergy and it's unlikely he'll outgrow the sesame/nut allergy.

I had asked my pediatrician at our 12 mos appointment if I should avoid dairy and she said that since he hadn't had a reaction from the breastmilk, that it was ok for me to eat it. Now I feel really guilty because, from what Dr. Grubman says, the safest thing is for me to eliminate Yoav's allergens.

I talked to B in the evening - she was really nice - she said that she had asked her allergist about me to see if it's ok for me to eat dairy and he had said it's reasonable for me to eat dairy since it wasn't causing a clear reaction. So it looks like Dr. Grubman is very concervative - I will talk to my pediatrician tomorrow to get her opinion of his ideas. B also recommended a dairy-free/egg-free/nut-free cookbook that I ordered.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feb 23, 2006

Lots of developments today - will write quickly b/c Yoav has already been sleeping for 1.5 hrs and will wake up soon - he is sleeping in the bed in our room - I've been on the computer the whole time.

This morning, we BOTH WALKED to the bagel store. It's across the street and a few stores down. We held hands the whole time and I carried him across the street. It was SO MUCH FUN. He loved walking and we stopped a few times for him to look at things (mailbox, car, bike). He had the most fun walking in the building where I didn't make him hold my hand. He was laughing giddily sort of running down the hallway. :)

A little later, I was singing a song I like from the library program - "Taxi, taxi, riding in the back seat; roll the window up, roll the window down." Yoav was laughing as I sang it over and over. He really likes it, as it turns out. Then, to my great surprise, he said the word taxi!! He really said it quite clearly. It's by far the hardest word I've heard him say.

A little later still, I was on the phone and I looked up to see Yoav "reading" a foam book he has - he was on the page with a dog and was doing the sign for dog over and over! The sign is to hit your leg and then snap your hand, but Yoav just hits his leg.

Peewise, Yoav peed in his diaper after the bagel store because we didn't get home in time - we were dilly dallying on the way home. Other than that, so far today, no pees in diapers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Feb 22, 2006

Today for the first time, we "caught" the first pee of the morning. Yoav woke up at 7:45AM when Jeremy woke up. I felt pretty awake so I got up with Yoav and took him to the potty to pee. Yea :)

Later we went to the library program in the morning at 10:30AM. Yoav sat on my lap most of the time. He took a liking to the mom next to us and played peek a boo with her a bit - he stood behind her and patted her on the back for her to turn and look at him.

Then we went to playgroup. It was at E. and A's house. They have a 3 bedroom now on the Upper Westside. R. and N. were there too. It was fun. N. and Yoav seemed to fight a bit about toys. There were several times when they were both pulling at the same toy. Yoav tends to be very determined in these situations and usually my only solution is to try to get the other child to agree to play with a different toy. Sometimes Yoav will give the first toy back, but only when he is ready and by himself. He won't let me take it from him and give to the other child. It's funny b/c sometimes the other child is crying and Yoav makes a sad/scared face as if he wants the other child to stop crying, but I can't get him to understand that the reason the child is crying is because Yoav is holding the toy he wants!!!

After playgroup, I went with R. for dessert and coffee nearby because both kids fell right asleep when we put them in the slings (playgroup was until 4PM, so Yoav was exhausted). We talked a lot - we are very very similar in our parenting - both interested in natural toys, unschooling, natural healing, etc. She is Indonesian and her husband is Austrian. She said that in Indonesia, it is consider lower class to breastfeed, since formula is more expensive.

Then I went to Whole Foods and tried to get Sole for dinner, but they were out so I got wild Flounder. The man at the counter said to bake at 350 with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper for about five minutes.

When we got home, I was shocked to find that Yoav's diaper was still dry - he hadn't peed for almost 3 hours! He peed right away when I took him to the bathroom.

My Cousin B called me at 7PM and we talked for about an hour. She said that baby A had a really bad allergy attack recently when he drank from another child's milk bottle. She said he only had a sip or two, but he had hives, threw up, coughed, had trouble breathing. They called the hospital and an ambulance took him to the hospital. She said he was fine but it was an anaphylactic attack. He also picked up something from the hospital and was sick (throwing up) for a few days. He lost about a pound.

We also talked a bit about nursing. She asked when I want to wean. I said ideally when we are both ready. She said won't Yoav feel weird about it when he gets older and sees that other kids don't nurse. I said I doubt we'd nurse much or at all in public then, so he probably won't even realize. He'll probably think the other kids get to go home and nurse, too. Not sure if this is true or not, but it seems reasonable - I posted to my AP group to see what older kids think of nursing.

Thinking about this more later, I think there are a lot of things that are different in life - kids have different toys, clothes, siblings, parents, houses, etc. They get upset when they think another kid has something better than them, not the other way around. Assuming Yoav continues to like to nurse as much as he does now, he'll be happy that he gets to nurse, regardless of what other kids do.

Today Yoav only peed once a tiny bit in his diaper. So this marks 36 hours without really peeing / pooping in a diaper.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Feb 21, 2006

Went to AP meeting at 1:30PM - 3:30PM. Yoav had been peeing in potty all morning and after meeting, his diaper was dry, so I let him pee in bathroom. Except for the first pee of the day, Yoav didn't pee at all in a diaper today!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Feb 13, 2006

Today we went to the library with Laura and Jessica (19 mos) in the morning. Yoav listened and enjoyed the songs & stories for about ten minutes and then moved onto playing with the books on the shelves. Afterwards, we played a little at the library, and then headed home. Yoav fell asleep on the way and I stopped for bagels with Laura. Yoav woke up on our way out of the bagel shop, so we went to play at Laura's house.

When we left, we saw kids sledding down a hill, so we stopped to watch. We met a woman with two kids who let us borrow a sled. It was a circular-type sled. Yoav was in the sling and we slid down together. I kept my feet out so we didn't get going too fast. Yoav wasn't sure what to make of it. He didn't dislike it, but he didn't smile.

Next we went home to do laundry. This was the best laundry day we've ever had. Now that Yoav is walking, it's much easier! This was the first time I've done laundry with him not in the sling. He had so much fun. He was making noises, helping to put clothes in and out of machines, throwing lint away from the dryer, putting the card into the dryer, pushing carts, etc. I've certainly never seen anyone have so much fun doing laundry and now I don't have to dread laundry day :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feb 12

It's been a while since I last posted :(

Yoav has been advancing a lot in the past month. He's walking now *most* of the time. He walks all over the apartment - he recently seems to just walk around for fun - he'll walk down the hallway and then back. He falls a fair amount, but always forward - he puts his hands forward and catches himself and hasn't gotten hurt yet.

I read once that a child's language skills can only really start to develop once they learn to walk. This certainly seems to be true for Yoav. He is signing much more than a month ago (light, ceiling fan, hat, dog, nurse, want). He also points to objects to find out what they are called. He has repeated words a few times and occasionally I think I can understand a word. He says bye, hi, no, ball, ba for hot, baba for aba, mama or mommy. I think he says again - I can't even spell what it sounds like, though. He has also said nose when I once pointed to my nose and then his and told him the word.

We had a moment today when I really saw how much he understands: Yoav was holding an apple (peeled and cored) and he dropped it on the rug. I said to him, "Oh, your apple dropped - Mommy will wash it off for you." I then continued putting a few books back on the shelf, thinking I'd clean the apple when I got all the books back. Then I heard Yoavi calling me from the kitchen (he didn't say mommy, just grunted/whined for me). I looked up and saw him standing by the sink waiting for me to clean his apple!!!!!!!!!!!! I went in and he handed me the apple to clean, I washed it, handed it back and off he went. I was so shocked. I know Yoav understands a lot, but I've never seen him do anything quite like this. Although now that I'm writing this, I remember that this morning he had one sock on and one off and I mentioned that to him and he looked down at his feet and picked up the foot with the sock for me to take it off. But we talk about his socks and shoes and feet every day - washing an apple in the kitchen is a rare discussion!

We ordered a play kitchen today (Suzanne's Kitchen from novanatural.com. I've been wanting one ever since Yoav began to enjoy playing with Cousin D's a few months ago. We were cooking a lot this weekend (made a big pot of chicken soup and made breakfast both days). I forget how it started, but this morning Jeremy and I discussed how much Yoav likes to play with kitchen things. Jeremy was a little concerned that a kitchen is for girls, but Jeremy likes to cook and besides, we're hoping that Yoav will play with his kitchen while we're cooking, cleaning in the kitchen, eating, etc. We'll see. We're going to put it right by the kitchen. The kitchen is natural wood and has a stove and sink.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Feb 5 - Weston Price

I recently went to a Holistic Moms Network talk about Weston Price nutrition. It was AMAZING. I learned so much - it's based on eating foods that are as natural and unprocessed as possible. Based on the talk and the book, I'm making some immediate changes and will cook as much as possible from the book.
1. Will minimize processed food intake.
2. Will keep meat and chicken stock in freezer at all times and will use as much as possible.
3. No soy products.
4. Will eat sprouted bread as much as possible - reduce intake of non sprouted wheat.
5. No juice.
6. No microwave.
7. Only stainless for cooking - no aluminum or teflon.
8. Will take daily cod liver oil supplement for self and Yoav.
9. For oils, will use only olive oil and coconut oil (coconut oil to replace vegetable oil).
10. Will use Celtic Sea Salt.
11. Will use Price recommended natural sweetners.
12. Will give Yoav chicken liver on a regular basis - 1-2 times per week.